Savitrichya Leki Chalalya Pudhe – Bicycle Pledge”: Giving wings to Girls

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Many intellectuals say that education is the solution to all major problems. Education indeed helps people in making rational decisions. Education is therefore crucial, regardless of age, gender, religion, caste, or creed.

We all are aware of the everyday increasing percentage of dropouts from school. It is shocking how a majority of them are girls. Every year, a variety of reasons contribute to an increase in the percentage of students who drop out. Parents' denial, early marriage, and especially far-flung schools are also factors to be considered.

Schools are located at a distance from where the student generally resides. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the girls to commute to school by covering such a long distance. Some girls said claimed, "we are more frightened of rape and human attacks than attacks of ferocious animals".

About this situation, the Centre for Transforming India (CFTI) has come up with a solution “Savitrichya Leki Chalalya Pudhe – Bicycle Pledge”. In this initiative, they are planning to distribute bicycles to the girls in Maharashtra so that they can easily cover long distances and reach their schools and colleges. 

Centre For Transforming India, was founded under the Indian trust act 1882 on the 14th May of 2009. CFTI works to empower the rural sectors in fields such as education, healthcare, economic opportunities and others. It is popularly known for doing ground-level works especially during the period of crisis such as calamities, pandemic and others.

The main aims of CFTI are:

  • To empower the rural population of India through education & poverty alleviation schemes.
  • To provide modern educational facilities to villages & ensure that it creates a positive impact on current & future generations.
  • To promote health awareness, implement health care schemes, provide food, medicines, and other support to economically challenged people suffering from curable or incurable diseases.
  • To work towards women empowerment and gender equality and help them attain economic self-sufficiency.
  • To promote sports, help with training & equipment and promote rising sporting stars from rural India.
  • To raise awareness about art and culture from rural India and bring it to the mainstream. To promote local artists and art from indigenous communities.
  • The initiative was a tribute to Savitri Bai Phule. Savitri Bai Phule was a Maharashtra-based social reformer, educator, and poet. She is considered India's first female teacher. She and her husband, Jyotirao Phule, were significant in improving women's rights in India. 

    Beneficiary stories from Ground: 

    Ishwari Manohar Kadam's story

    Ishwari Manohar Kadam lives in Waghode Village, Taluka Alibag, District Raigad. She is a student of class eight and studies in J.H.R Kanya Shala School. Ishwari says that she lives in a family of four members and her father is a farmer by occupation. Ishwari says that she had to walk 5 km every day to reach school as she could not afford the fare of public transport. This journey to school would exhaust her and she could hardly concentrate on her studies. Hence on 7th march 2021, Ishwari was given a bicycle by CFTI trust and Bookasmile Foundation. Now Ishwari can easily commute to school. She says "when I will become a doctor, I will also help needy people and especially needed girls to continue their education".

    Shrushti Yogesh Patil's story

    Shrushti Yogesh Patil is a resident of Medhekhar Village, Taluka Alibag, District Raigad. She is in class 6 and a student of Raigad Zilla Parishad School. Shrushti says that she had to walk 3 km regularly to go to school. This journey to school becomes difficult for her because of the fear of attack from street dogs, lonely streets in winters and others. This walks to the school of 3 kilometres took a long time because of which she even missed her lectures. Therefore, the CFTI trust and BookASmile foundation presented Shrushti with a bicycle which she now uses to commute to school. She can easily attend school now without any fear and does not miss any of the lectures. 

    Not just Ishwari Manohar Kadam, Shrushti Yogesh Patil but many other girls have received bicycles from the trust of CFTI. These girls no longer had to walk kilometres to get to school after obtaining their bicycles. This not only saves them time but also allows them to focus more on their academics. Hundreds of rural girls are being inspired to follow their ambitions and continue their education as a result of this programme. CFTI has aided more than 700 females so far. As a result, CFTI strives to achieve its goals and objectives regularly.

    CFTI is working endlessly to help people in the rural section. From distributing bicycles to other necessities, they are working hard every day to remove all the hurdles that come in the way of students trying to study. Savitrichya Leki Chalalya Pudhe – Bicycle Pledge has made a change and it has helped hundreds of girls to reach School. The work done by this organisation is commendable and very inspiring. Financially stable people can come forward and donate for a better cause. Their donation will build someone's future and secure their life in the ties of education. Therefore, let us all come forward and donate and help this organisation in achieving its noble goal.


    Smita Singh

    Smita currently finished her Masters in Economics Major. Being an introvert personality, writing suits best to her. She has vivid experience in the content area from writing research papers to writing content for various websites, blogs & stories. Smita has worked for a Patna based digital marketing company named DigiwaleBabu.