Torch Bearers: boAt & Slam Out Loud Empower Underprivileged Kids

The right balance of passion and talent can let a child soar to heights, yet without adequate guidance towards the right path, a child’s potential may remain leashed. While every child has the right to explore their talent and unlock opportunities, socioeconomic disparities may act as a barrier to their path. 

“Run for excellence, and success will follow,"  goes a saying, yet for some underprivileged children, someone needs to be the torchbearer to show them the right path. The unawareness of hidden skills can only be brought to light when children are illuminated by the means of opportunities and self-discovery.

Not every child is born with a silver spoon and unlimited access to opportunities. Someone’s fate is to thrive and hustle to cultivate their skills in pursuit of their passion. A primary obstacle that often hinders a child’s dream is the lack of efficient resources necessary for skill development. Beyond good education, children are often under-exposed to various other skill development aspects as compared to their privileged peers. Limited resources prevent them from exploring endless opportunities to nurture their talents.

A pen is mightier than a sword. Education is a light in that dark tunnel, which leads to an ocean of opportunities. With the government’s recent advances in education, the underprivileged are not deprived of education in the current times. Yet, dissimilarities can often be noticed when it comes to comparing the education quality of metro and tier 1 cities to the lower tiers and rural areas. Outdated facilities, a lack of teachers, and overcrowding hamper quality education, impeding academic progress.

The underprivileged also lack an idea of multiple career paths. The customary pathway to success according to them is completing the education and cling to usual jobs. They are educated to pursue a career that binds them, rather than a career that unshackles the chains. Many are unaware of a term called passion, which refers to the problems that need to be pursued. Unexposed to various opportunities and unaware of their talents, a child can be stuck in a race where he/she can never excel and sometimes not even finish the line.

The sole reason for all the problems mentioned is the lack of proper guidance and support. These children need someone to hold their hands and guide them to their interests and talents. Access to quality mentorship and counseling can guide and encourage them to lead a life backed up by their passion. Appropriate guidance can help these children identify their strengths, nurture them, set goals, and overcome hindrances along the way. This can only be achieved when the underprivileged are connected to other outer communities and exposed to opportunities for development and advancement.

Promoting Creative Expression: boAt and Slam Out Loud join hands

India’s number 1 audio and wearable brand, boAt in collaboration with Slam Out Loud, a non-profit organization to build creative confidence, especially in marginalized communities, has brought together unprivileged children to support and make them aware of their passion and nurture them to lead an affluent life.

The Jijivisha Fellowship by Slam Out Loud is an initiative designed to support and empower youth from unprivileged backgrounds to follow their career aspirations. With the belief that each child needs to unlock their potential and deserves every opportunity to step up in the world regardless of their socioeconomic disparities. 

The fellowship provides financial support, mentorship & guidance, networking opportunities, skill development training, and engagement with communities to foster a child’s dream and unleash them to their maximum potential.

Under the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), boAt has supported the Jijvisha Fellowship to help individuals find their tone of creative expression through the transformative power of the arts. The collaboration signifies a commitment to fostering various art forms among children and unlocking their creative potential, regardless of their background, which lacks amenities. This is an excellent example of corporate social responsibility that promotes education and creativity among unprivileged children.

Impact Created

Under this initiative, boAt and Slam Out Loud aim to support the creative expression of around 3000 children and approximately 25 artists, as well as a School of Open Learning curriculum that aims to reach 5 million children a year. Through the agenda, boAt will support Slam Out Loud by providing funding, expertise, and resources to have an impact and expand its reach. Additionally, boAt may contribute in various other ways to empower creative expression and expose children to creativity.

Co-founder and CMO of boAt, Aman Gupta, has expressed his delight in promoting socio-emotional learning for all for the generation of tomorrow. He intends to support children from unprivileged areas by providing them with efficient resources and training that can nurture a child’s skills and reshape these relegated communities.

CEO and co-founder of Slam Out Loud, Jigyasa Labroo, stated that the mission aims to unlock the imaginative prowess of children so that they can learn about social justice, climate change, and gender through art. They are focusing especially on children who lack facilities and don’t have access to a proper education. Primarily focusing on unlocking a child’s full potential, the organization targets reaching millions of such individuals and promoting creative expression.

In a world where the scale of opportunities often bends towards the privileged, the collaboration between a non-profit organization and a corporate entity stands as an exemplary example of bridging the gap between the advantaged and the disadvantaged. Promoting initiatives like this can sow the seeds for an upcoming generation of change-makers, artists, innovators, and leaders to pursue their dreams regardless of the disparities they are facing.

Companies like boAt in the form of their CSR initiatives are not only making a positive effect by providing adequate education, resources, and skills but also contributing to the development of the communities that lack the nudge of being privileged and converting them into vibrant and irrepressible communities. 


Instead of forcing the children to follow the pattern, encourage them to weave a web of their world where they devote themselves with such exuberance that it not only develops the individual life and persona but also commits to the development of communities and further helps encourages the unprivileged.


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