Udhyam Learning Foundation Continues to Impact Lakhs of Beneficiaries

The fearless pursuit of human potential was the vision of Mekin Maheshwari when he started Udhyam Learning Foundation in Bangalore. He looks to develop an ecosystem to support budding entrepreneurs to be ready to run their own enterprises. 

The foundation’s commitment to see as many people enable entrepreneurial mindsets and achieve their potential is just a small step towards greater contribution. Udhyam Shiksha Program is an Entrepreneurial Mindset Development Program experiential learning in nature to enable young learners to develop agency and become entrepreneurial. The program builds entrepreneurial mindsets like Self Awareness, Grit, Independence, and Trying New Things critical for the 21st century through real-life entrepreneurial projects.

"Make your failures, better failures till you find success," says 20-year-old Shashidar. A yoga teacher and entrepreneur from Tumkur, Karnataka. Shashidar was mistreated by his teachers and fellow students in high school growing up as he was neither good at academics nor sports. His confidence was low besides being confused and unsure of what to make of his life ahead.  Shashidar always loved Yoga and once found a school where they taught Yoga, he was even apprehensive to approach them. When they invited him to learn and practice with them, he became proficient and learned Yoga. He has now been teaching Yoga for over 8 years. Shashidhar took the Udhyam Shiksha program while he was pursuing Mechanical studies at ITI, Tumkur. He says the Udhyam Shiksha course helped him communicate better, both in his personal and professional life and helped him build back his confidence. He is now looking to start his own business and isn't unaware of the risks and hurdles he may face but is now better geared to face them. 

The program enables   learners to develop entrepreneurial mindsets through an experiential learning program encompassing : 

  • contextualized curriculum based on learner’s / partner’s needs
  • learner and facilitator-led program delivery that improves self-efficacy
  • providing real entrepreneurial projects that help solve problems
  • reinstating program milestones that provides agency
  • Udhyam Shiksha enables developing entrepreneurial mindsets in learners between the ages of 15 - 22 through associations with State Government Schools as well as Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). Udhyam Shiksha develops an experiential learning curriculum to develop entrepreneurial mindsets in students and trains facilitators on how best to deliver this curriculum to learners. Experiential learning is far removed from classroom lessons - autonomy and agency are both entirely with the students.

    During the lockdown in 2020, Nisha’s father was compelled to shut down his mobile repairing shop and move back to their village, as he was the only working member in his family, they faced a lot of difficulties soon after. Nisha wanted to help her family so she came up with an idea to open a mobile repairing website. She did not even have any basic knowledge so she took the help of manuals and YouTube videos to build her own website. Nisha recalls a time when she was struggling and wanted help in designing the page, she failed several times but she did not give up. She was persistent and able to get the final result by rising up from her failures. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Curriculum at RSKV, Shakarpur, New Delhi helped Nisha believe in herself and most importantly to have the confidence to achieve her goals. 

    Nisha’s father says that she has drastically changed since the past year as she was a shy child, she is now able to speak to people and he said it came as a relief to the family when she helped him by making a website for his shop.  Nisha also wants to help other mobile repairing shop owners by linking them to her website so that it’ll be easier for people to connect to them. She further wants to employ people who have lost their jobs in the lockdown, as her family went through the same she feels deeply for those who do not have ways to earn a living. She aspires for her website to turn into a marketplace where the electronic repair service providers and customers converge.


    Nisha has also been coming up with another Edu website like BYJUs which will help students like her to get affordable access to online learning. She realized that a lot of government school students and students from lower-income backgrounds cannot afford to get tuition, so she wants to collaborate with teachers and volunteers who are willing to help them. Nisha now wants to become a software developer via proper mentoring and help from experts. She hopes that she will be able to fulfill her dreams.

    Over 7.5 lakh young learners have benefitted from Udhyam’s effort in enabling entrepreneurial mindsets for its customers. Support for building further awareness and accessibility towards developing and exercising mindsets has been a joyful but challenging journey for those trained by this foundation’s vision. This is where young learners build awareness about their communities and think of ways towards continuous development of their environment. Youngsters are proud enough to associate with Udhyam Shiksha and benefit for the next three years even after completing the course. The initiative has provided many youngsters from not-so-privileged backgrounds to be forerunners of change in their respective communities and masters of their own futures.  



    Divya Tiwari

    Divya Tiwari is a seasoned content writer with over 20 years of work experience. She holds an MBA degree from IIM Indore along with Triple Masters Degrees in Development Studies, Media Business Management, and Philosophy. She has worked in various capacities with National and International NGOs, Top Corporates, and several Ministries for projects that range from Training, Capacity Building, E-Learning, to Media and Communications. She has written and hosted English programs for All India Radio, Delhi. Her deep interest in Animal Welfare helps her engage with various Animal Welfare Organizations across the country in various capacities. She is an advocate of a cruelty-free sustainable lifestyle and regularly blogs on related issues and solutions. Apart from her writing engagements, she is also a social entrepreneur helping rural communities take their craft to centrestage. She is based out of Delhi