Edtech for Better Learning Outcomes; Experiences and Way Forward

CSRBOX has been hosting the annual India CSR Summit for the past 7 years. The Summit has been the largest CSR and social impact event in the South Asia region with participation of 1800 organisations and 2400+ delegates every year.

At the 8th India CSR Summit 2021 (7th-9th Dec 2021), we hosted panel discussion on 'Edtech for Better Learning Outcomes: Experiences and Way Forward', with the following speakers:

  • Moderator: Ms. Gouri Gupta, Director, Central Square Foundation
  • Ms. Ekta Kumar, General Manager - Corporate Social Responsibility, Samsung India
  • Mr. Abhishek Ranjan, Director and Global Head - Sustainability, Brillio
  • Ms. Prachi Jain Windlass, Director-India Program, MSDF
  • Ms. Sujata Sahu, Founder & CEO, 17000 Ft. Foundation

    During this insightful discussion, the speakers shared their learnings, thoughts and experiences around the following points:

  • How is technology impacting the learning landscape of India?
  • What role can CSR programs can play in terms of making technology accessible and effective in education? How do we engage the social sector in edtech innovations and scale-up?
  • What are some of the factors to ensure equity and equality that should be considered while digitizing the education system?
  • How can technology address the increasing drop out ratio? Do we have a few best-fit cases of technology enabling better learning?
  • The rapid shift to e-learning prompted by the pandemic has resurfaced long-standing issues of inequality and a digital divide in India. How can we best address this divide and create access and opportunities for the marginalised communities to catch up with the development?
  • There are many EdTech solutions in the market. What are the determinants of a good-fit solution? How do we ensure the solution becomes a sustainable intervention? • Experiences, learning and good-practices in technology as an enabler in classrooms and beyond the classrooms.