Education Leader Series | Sujata Sahu, Founder, Chief Executive Officer- 17000 ft Foundation

Sujata Sahu is the Founder Director of 17000 ft Foundation, an organization that has been working relentlessly in remote mountainous hamlets across the UT of Ladakh, with a primary objective to enhance education, strengthen the Government School System, and sustain the villages that are facing a desperate migration of young families and children to faraway towns in search of good education.

Sujata has over 25 years of time spent in various leadership roles in corporate IT and as an educator and facilitator working with young children. Having worked in various Indian and American firms to lead their large technology systems, Sujata Sahu gave up her corporate career to move back to India and pursue her passion to work with children. A trekker and an outdoor enthusiast, a particularly difficult solo trek into Ladakh brought home the challenges faced by the people of remote Ladakh which then led her to found 17000 ft Foundation in 2012 to improve the lives of communities there, focusing on bettering the Govt. School Education System in the most remote and ignored of villages of Ladakh.

In her conversation with Deepak Nanda from CSRBOX, she elaborates on the following questions:

1. What does the name 17000 ft symbolize and what is the vision that the organization is working towards?

2. Working in some of the remotest regions to enable a more connected future and aid education dissemination to the last mile in the real sense, what is the reason no-one has up until now focused on them?

3. Having transformed so many villages via education, livelihood and even infrastructural initiatives, how are you able to mobilize so many resources in such remote places? What is the model that you adopt to keep it simple yet impactful?

4. How has the impact been so far on the children who have benefitted from your programs and how do they fare in comparison to their urban peers?

5. In your pursuit to create self-sustainable yet connected livelihoods, how has the support been from both the corporate and government sectors? 

6. Lastly, how do you envision the initiative growing in the future to empower more students and regions?

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