In Conversation with Ms Sudha, Head of Operations, My Choices Foundation

Ms Sudha has helped lead the anti-human trafficking work of Operation Red Alert as the Head of Operations since August 2016. She has 10 years of leadership and corporate experience, particularly in managing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs prior to moving into working with Operation Red Alert. Sudha is driven by a desire to contribute to society. She thrives on the versatility of the daily demands of her current role supporting and leading the teams. Sudha believes in the concept of lifelong learning and keeps learning every day. She is also currently enrolled in her Ph.D. at Tata Institute of Social Sciences and is conducting research on the subject “Institutional approaches to prevention of sex trafficking in India”.  Streamlining processes and getting work done is her forte. Her mission is “making others better because of her presence and ensuring the impact lasts in her absence”.

Ms Sudha answered the following questions during the impact talk :

1. Before we begin, it will be great to listen to your journey in the social development sector.

2. Sex Trafficking has always remained a major crime and there are 10 million women and girls who are in prostitution in India. However, the underlying social and economic reasons are usually not addressed. What do you think, should be the change in addressing the issue?

3. Since 2016 you are working against sex trafficking through the program operation red alert. Could you elaborate on the approach Operation Red alert takes to prevent sex trafficking in India and also how does it prevent the recurrence of the crime?

4. Developing partnerships is the most important determinant of social change. How does multi-stakeholder partnerships is helping you in the mission of ending sex trafficking?

5. Could you shed some light on the idea of the Safe Village Program? What impact did it create in the overall approach towards Anti Trafficking, especially among women?

6. How do you deal with the women who are involved in sex work voluntarily? What is your strategy to wean them away from this, like alternative livelihoods?


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