In conversation with Crispino Lobo, Co-Founder, Managing Trustee, Watershed Organization Trust(WOTR)

Mr. Crispino Lobo, Co-Founder and Managing Trustee at Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR) WOTR is dedicated to transforming the lives of millions of poor villagers across India through participatory watershed development and ecosystems restoration, climate resilient sustainable agriculture, integrated and efficient water management and climate change adaptation, with a special emphasis on building resilience of vulnerable communities, farmers, and women.

Mr. Crispino answered the following questions during the impact talk-

  1. Before we begin, tell us a little bit about Watershed Organisation Trust and the starting of the participatory watershed movement in India?
  2. What are the strategic approaches and core values that WOTR has adopted? Enlighten us about the essence of the ‘Engine for Adaptive Sustainable Development’ approach.
  3. The world is facing a huge water crisis. It is estimated that many Indian cities will run out of water – both surface and groundwater – by 2040. India accounts for around 4% of the world’s water resources and 17% of the world’s population, resulting in a huge imbalance. What work is WOTR doing to deal with this imminent crisis?
  4. What is climate change vulnerability? How is climate change impacting socio-economic development of India? What is WOTR doing to build resilience given this climate emergency?
  5. Specifically talking about agriculture, how does climate change impact agriculture? Share with us briefly, about your approach Gender Inequality has been a crucial social issue for India for centuries. The onset of COVID19 pandemic has further aggravated the socio-economic inequalities faced by women in India. Tell us about the interventions that are being undertaken towards Gender Equality. What is the ‘wheels of the bullock cart’ concept underlying the work of WOTR in Gender Equality?
  6. The underlying objective of the work that you are doing is to ensure Sustainable Development. Can you please tell us how all the thematic areas of your work are linked to contributing towards achieving the sustainable development goals.

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