TCS launches employment program to skill youth; Over 24,800 placed so far

Tata Consultancy Services, India's largest software company, has launched its Youth Employment Program (YEP) to help to rebuild the livelihoods of Covid-19 pandemic victims and provide employment avenues. It is the company's CSR flagship program to empower youth, women from rural colleges, unemployed graduates, especially from socially and economically disadvantaged sections.

Under this programme, TCS has included courses that focus on Quantitative Aptitude, Business Communication Skills, Programming and Domain Skills.

"TCS is training participating youths specifically on Quantitative Aptitude, Business Communication Skills, Programming and Domain Skills. After receiving this specialized training and mentorship, we will also be supporting them in finding employment opportunities," TCS said in a statement.

So far the company has received 1,384 nominations, which are being supported by 700+ TCS associates in their learning and employment journey. Over 80% of the nominees are from the states of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka.

"TCS has received over 1,300 nominations, of which over 85% were either friends or relatives of the employees," the company added.

TCS said that more than 4,900 direct students have been benefitted from its Youth Program while under the non-IT Youth Employment program, 9,200 students and 56 external trainers and professionals have been trained.

It said that 1,24,000 youth have been trained since inception. Whereas 24,800 people have found employment in private and public companies including, 13,800 in TCS to date.

TCS also has a free online course- "TCS iON Career Edge"--for young professionals. It is a 15-day course that helps job seekers to improve their core employability skills.

The course covers key behavioural, communication, and foundational skills in accounting and artificial intelligence. The course is delivered over 14 modules. Each module is of 1-2 hours duration, comprising videos, presentations, reading material, recorded webinars by TCS experts.