Ambuja Foundation to revive 26 water bodies in Rajasthan, in alignment with NITI Aayog

Ambuja Foundation is all set to revive 26 water bodies in Nagaur and Pali areas of Rajasthan aiming to complete rejuvenation before the onset of the upcoming monsoon. This initiative will align with the Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Amrit Sarovar’ – developing and rejuvenating 75 water bodies in each district of the country as part of celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.

The revival of these water bodies will create 232,000 cm additional water storage capacity and also make 17 villages water sufficient. To ensure sustainability, ACF will also focus on encouraging people’s participation by forming community-based institutions and involving them in soil excavation, excavation machinery support and tractors for transporting silt removalfrom ponds. Silt is believed to be highly beneficial for soil moisture and thus the amount of silt removed from these bodies will in turn be helpful for the farmers to improve crop productivity in the coming seasons.

This initiative has received acknowledgement from NITI Aayog to work closely with the district administrations of Nagaur and Pali districts to successfully execute this project before the onset of the upcoming monsoon.Ambuja Foundation will also look at convergence of various schemes run by the Department of Water Resources, Department of Rural Development and Department of Land Resources to avail any other additional support.

Talking about this initiative, Pearl Tiwari, Director & CEO, Ambuja Foundation said, “Water has always been one of our key initiatives to create water sufficient villages. All thanks to Niti Aayog, with the support of the district administrations it would be even more seamless for our on-ground team to complete the project.”

Ambuja Foundation under its Water Resource Management program has been working for the past 19 years in Rajasthan reviving traditional water bodies, building or renovating water harvesting structures and conserving soil moisture. It works hand in hand with like-minded organizations and communities to plan and execute such revivals to ensure all year-round water availability for farmers, families and communities. Ambuja Foundation invites more partners and like-minded organizations to join the force to create a water prosperous Rajasthan which will then be considered a drought-prone region in the past.


About Ambuja Foundation    

Ambuja Foundation is an independent, pan-India development organization, committed to generating prosperous rural communities. We believe in the vast, untapped potential of rural communities and the unstoppable power of the people that live there. With investments in water, agriculture, skills, women, health and education, we enable ‘livelihoods’ as a pathway to unleashing that potential. Partnering with like-minded corporates, Governments and others, we work collaboratively with communities to solve pressing community problems – empowering local people to be the catalysts and drivers of change. And over almost 3 decades of work, we have seen a complete transformation in the remote geographies in which we work. We are committed to expanding our footprint and impact of our work even further, through partnerships – building many more sustainable, prosperous rural communities, and revitalising rural India as the backbone of this country.