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Cultural Innovation for to build socio-economic transformation for Development Sector Professionals

15 April 2023 To 15 April 2024
Deadline: 15 April 2024
Cultural Innovation for to build socio-economic transformation for Development Sector Professionals


Cultural Innovation, evolution, entrepreneurship, or transformation leads to social and economic transformation. It is this shift that can take place throughout an entire community, organization, teams or Individuals.

The creative tools and processes are a catalyst in changing beliefs, behavior, minds, action, and skills to achieve growth and well-being for all stakeholders. Solutions are arrived at through collaborative, autonomous, volitional, and inclusive methods. People partner together and it integrates linear and lateral thinking. The outcomes are always best suited to the people who need it the most.

Through this program, development professionals can take back to their organizations, the tools, and skills to implement in their social impact work and among their employees as well.

Aim of the Course

  1. To build art and culture-based people power into your next program, campaign, or community engagement.
  2. Give you tools for art and culture designed for ‘engagement’, ‘organizing’, ‘volunteering’, and more with your community.
  3. Learn from case studies how ‘people power’ has increased the size and success of campaigns and find success.

Who is the Program for?

  1. Social development sector professionals
  2. Social entrepreneurs
  3. Community managers
  4. Education and Cultural Professionals

Programme highlights and learning outcomes:

  1. Cultural Innovation for social change helps in understanding and developing keen insight about your stakeholder, audience, and communities.
  2. This three-sixty approach builds measures to find solutions with lasting impact.
  3. Cultural Innovation transforms behavior and actions adopted by a group of people. These are passed on to future generations.
  4. Such perspectives help in breaking through deep-rooted challenges for stakeholders, as cultural tools give an understanding of beliefs, behavior, norms, and Action.
  5. It is a process that is collaborative, inclusive, and based on creative problem-solving Tools.
  6. The engagement is immersive and experiential in problem identification, building solutions, and making them actionable.

Each module will consist of

  1. Theory
  2. Case study
  3. Activity

Duration of the course

Each module will be a short video of 30 minutes. There will be 8 - 10 such videos. So typically the course will be 5 - 6 hours long.

Fees and registration 

  • Early bird-  2500 INR + GST (2950 INR)
  • Standard -  3500 INR + GST (4130 INR)




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