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Documentation- An effective Knowledge Management Approach

05 December 2022 To 05 December 2023
Deadline: 05 December 2023
Documentation- An effective Knowledge Management Approach


  • This 2.5-hour self-paced course is designed for development sector professionals involved in project management and implementation work, and aims to:
  • Help understand the need for timely documentation of a project to help record project activities systematically and build organizational memory
  • Enhance knowledge on how documentation strengthens understanding of the project staff when the project transitions from design to the implementation stage
  • Develop an organizational understanding of workable implementation approaches to feed into subsequent project design
  • Elaborate on documentation of implementation approaches, challenges faced, lessons learned, redressal mechanisms, and results achieved is a valuable knowledge management approach
  • Explain how documentation can help in advocacy with the donors, government and other crucial stakeholders for scale-up/new projects.

Who is the program for?

  • NGO professionals
  • Documentation professionals
  • Development sector workers
  • M&E professionals

Program highlights:

The program would answer some key questions related to documentation of programs, projects, and interventions.

These include:

What is documentation?

Why is it an important part of knowledge management?

What are the various types of documentation products?

What are the key steps of documentation (including process documentation, best practices, case studies, case stories, photographic documentation and videography)?

Expected learning outcomes for students:  

By the end of the course, the participants will:

Be exposed to, and gain an introductory understanding of the concepts of documentation, especially process documentation

Have a basic understanding of the steps involved in process documentation of a program/project/initiative

Total duration of the course: 2.5 Hours


Model: Pre-recorded, Self-paced and Virtual



Standard Registration - INR 850+ 18% GST 


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