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Reading, understanding and decoding laws by Maansi Verma

16 August 2022 To 16 August 2023
Deadline: 15 August 2023
Reading, understanding and decoding laws by Maansi Verma

About the course

The course is designed to impart the useful skill of reading and analyzing laws among participants, with particular emphasis on laws related to CSR and FCRA. The course will include understanding the rules of interpretation of laws as well as the technicalities of how a law is drafted.

The CSR and FCRA-related laws and rules will be used as examples for the purpose of understanding how the law must be read, understood, and interpreted. The course is particularly designed for those who do not have a background in law

Professionals working in the social, development, and policy sectors often have to deal with laws, rules, and policies for their work. This course is designed to enable professionals to inculcate the skill of reading laws which can be utilized in multiple ways - to understand laws and policies applicable to their organizations like CSR and FCRA, to prepare simple summaries of laws and policies for the communities they work with, to analyze laws and policies for the purpose of legal or policy advocacy, etc.

Though the course will focus on CSR and FCRA-related laws, the skills once learned can be extrapolated to read, analyze and understand any other law or policy.


Who is this program for? 

  • Young Professionals,
  • Development Sector Workers,
  • CSR Professionals
  • Researchers,
  • Academicians


Program Highlights 

This course is a self-paced 5-hour online masterclass that covers the basic techniques of reading and understanding laws. It also aims to share with the participants’ significant aspects of laws, amendments, rules, and notifications related to CSR and FCRA laws in particular. With the use of readings, interactive quizzes, and activities during the course, participants will be able to test their own knowledge and skills gathered throughout the duration of the course.


Learning objectives

  • Become more comfortable with the legal language used in laws;
  • Understand the rules of interpretation of laws;
  • Understand the technical terms used in laws;
  • Be able to decipher the nuances of CSR and FCRA-related laws.

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