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Scaling reach and impact through government partnerships

03 August 2022 To 03 August 2023
Deadline: 03 October 2022
Scaling reach and impact through government partnerships

About the course

The need for partnerships between governments and the not-for-profit sector to solve complex social problems and meet development goals has further increased in the pandemic affected the world. 

This course aims to contribute to and support the unique growth journeys of professionals, organizations, and donors who intend to scale up their impact through productive partnerships with key stakeholders including the government and its institutions. A unique aspect of the course is that it strengthens  participants' understanding  of the (at times competing) perspectives and approaches of the key stakeholders who sometimes sit on two different sides of the same issues. The course sessions and resources offer participants pathways for scaling impact, specific  guidance in form of required mind shifts, frameworks and insights rooted in the evidence and real-life experiences, and a resource toolkit; with an aim to enable them to lead impact scaling journey, collaborate effectively to meet common goals and create a more conducive ecosystem for leading the social change, together!


Who is this program for? 

  • Social entrepreneurs, professionals who want to master the art and science of leading and managing high impact programs and government partnerships to widen their reach and impact 
  • Leaders, funders who are planning or have embarked upon an outcome-driven journey of social change in partnership with stakeholders including but not limited to Not for profits, Corporate Social Responsibility Groups, and governments. 
  • Students, and Professionals who wish to deepen understanding of key concepts and strategies for 
  • Anyone interested in developing their competencies for scaling their initiatives, systems change, and enhancing the effectiveness of their partnerships, interventions, or organizations.


Program Highlight 

  • Recorded sessions to be completed at your preferred pace and time
  • Guidance and references of frameworks and approaches for applying system thinking and system change principles to sharpen your growth strategies, plans, and outcomes
  • Guided reflection for strengthening strategic especially government partnerships,  program quality, and networks 
  • Gain and explore complementary perspectives, experiences, and insights of sector experts and thought leaders to optimize your resources and maximize gains
  • Review application of growth, scale and partnerships  models and concepts in the case studies shared in the course contents
  • Short reflective exercises/ assignment to reinforce and apply learning 
  • A resource tool kit to aid the process of reflection, scaling and growth
  • Curated high-quality resources to aid deeper and extended learning
  • A certificate upon course completion.


Fee and Registration:

Early Bird- INR 2950 (Inclusive of Tax, till 15th Oct, 2022)

Standard Fees- INR 3540 (Inclusive of Tax, 15th Oct onwards)



For any immediate escalations or to know more about the Impact Academy, please feel free to write to impactacademy@csrbox.org 


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