Impact Stories

Abhisikta Dey

Abhisikta Dey Ghosh is a business research and content professional for the last 14 years with leading brands from the industry. Her interest lies in authoring and weaving stories to foray into people's mind and hearts, thereby creating an ever lasting impact. Brand creation and management have been her forte using few magical words supported by language. A Master's Degree in Finance and Marketing with a passion for literature and language has certainly given her a huge platform to merge her educational expertise with passion, par excellence. Currently Abhisikta works as a Senior Consultant for Strategic Content and Research with Corporates, Edu-tech firms, CSR Foundations, Travel companies and Fintech majors. Abhisikta has a keen interest in music, dance and going on family adventure trips.

New Delhi-based Digital Empowerment Foundation was founded by Osama Manzar and Shaifali Chikermane in 2002, out of the deep understanding th....
By Abhisikta Dey
April 16, 2021
Oxfam India has been working towards eradicating racial and social discrimination from the Indian society since its inception in 2008 as an ....
By Abhisikta Dey
April 9, 2021