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Ranveer Singh Rana

Ranveer started contributing exclusives articles on social, environmental, agriculture, rural economy from 1985 onwards in different newspapers and magazines prominent of them were Economic and Political Weakly, Jansatta, Patriot, Link, Mainstream and Himalayan Paryavaran and Contributed over 100 articles.

Gailari a tiny hamlet of a comparatively big Gram Panchayat Tuliyara, in the sense of a hilly village, was reeling under drinking water scar....
By Ranveer Singh Rana
March 16, 2021
Mukhba's quiet abode, a winter seat of Mother Ganga is located at a height of 2620 meters from sea level, just few hundred meters above the ....
By Ranveer Singh Rana
May 29, 2020