Impact Stories

Shilpa Tiwari

Shilpa Tiwari is a New Delhi based Content Specialist with three decades of experience. She has worked extensively on a variety of researches and curricula across K12, Higher Education, Corporate and Social Development sectors. A Master’s degree in English Literature and a degree in French from Delhi University, alongwith International Business Programme from IIFT, most certainly provides Shilpa an added expertise to work as a Consultant on various research and consulting projects with Corporates, Educational Institutions, Publications, CSR Foundations and NGOs.

Children across the world are curious bundles of joy, too eager to learning and education coming their way in old and new formats. However, ....
By Shilpa Tiwari
July 31, 2020
The belly rules the mind says the Spanish proverb so empty bellies might even give rise to a devil’s mindset. Not so, in case we have ....
By Shilpa Tiwari
June 26, 2020