Creating Opportunities for Women in India- A talk with Mr. Clement Chauvet- Chief of Skills and Business Development, UNDP India
Creating Opportunities for Women in India- A talk with Mr. Clement Chauvet- Chief of Skills and Business Development, UNDP India

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May 17, 2019

Clement manages the IKEA Foundation funded project "Disha": Creating Employment and Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Women in India"  at UNDP that aims to improve the lives of one million Indian women and girls by creating scalable models at key stages in the value chain to enable women to learn marketable skills, connect to jobs or start their own enterprises. Prior to his assignment with UNDP, Clement worked as a Regional Resource Mobilization and Partnership Adviser for UNFPA Eastern Europe and Central Asia based in Istanbul from 2013 to 2015. He also worked as a Fundraising Manager for UNICEF in Manila, Philippines and Paris, France. He started his career in the development sector as a project coordinator for a credit and saving cooperative network in the suburbs of Manila in 2002. Clement holds an MBA in International Economics from Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), France.


Talking about one of their initiatives, Mr. Chauvet says they have a large ongoing project which is funded by IKEA Foundation called ‘Project Disha’. The main objective of the program is to improve the lives of 1 million women and girls in India by providing them with the opportunity to be either placed in a job or to start their own business.


Commenting on his experience regarding CSR, Mr. Chauvet says he had been working in India from 2008-2013 when the CSR law was enacted. It’s good that the companies are more involved in CSR projects and they can be more engaged and spends part of their profits for community outreach. It is still very new for India and the companies still have a very long way to go to learn how to engage in a more strategic manner to implement CSR activities. The companies need to go beyond finding projects near their factories and work on more upstream projects where they can make more sustainable change.


Addressing the importance of the events like India CSR Summit, Mr. Chauvet suggests that the events like ICS are important because it’s a place where we can find ways of collaborations. There are problems which cannot be solved by foundations, governments or corporate alone. It requires many different stakeholders to understand the kind of results they want to collaborate in order to achieve the said results. ICS is a wonderful platform for all the stakeholders to meet, discuss the possibility of collaborations and to ensure that together they can bring about a long-lasting change.


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