Education Leader Series | Kavita Anand, Co-founder- Adhyayan Quality Education Foundation

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February 19, 2021

Kavita Anand who is the Founder Director of both, Adhyayan Quality Education Services and Adhyayan Foundation. She was awarded the Ashoka Fellowship in 2015 for her social entrepreneurship and single-minded focus on bringing quality to schools through leadership development. Over her career spanning 30 years, she has worked in organizations such as Aga Khan Education Services and the Sir Ratan Tata Trust.

In her conversation with Deepak Nanda from CSRBOX, she elaborates on the following questions:

1. How is Adhyayan working towards improving the quality of leadership and learning in schools, and how is it that your research expertise fits into the same?

2. How are you transforming the way school audits happen by placing the process of audits in the hands of ‘insiders’ in schools?

3. Part of your approach focuses on embedding internationally accepted approaches and practices contextualized for India. How do you do this and how far has the same proven to be effective?

4. Having worked with many reputed organizations in the education sector, what do you feel is still missing from the way we are looking at disseminating quality education? Be it in terms of interest, attention, content, processes or even stakeholder engagement.

5. With unprecedented changes in the environment around education, like the COVID-19 and the phenomenal change in the National Education Policy, do you believe the current time is seeing a level of change that was crucial or it might just be another wave to be washed off by a new experiment to come along?

6. What are some of the future challenges that you intend to address and what suggestions would you have for the ones wanting to create a meaningful change in the space?

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