Education Leader Series | Mike Handcock, Chairman and Founder- Circle of Excellence Group

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March 4, 2021

Mike Handcock is a remarkable individual with the unique ability to take hand-selected entrepreneurs from their current state to their desired state. As the Chairman and Founder of the Circle of Excellence Group, Mike has build a brand and reputation as a highly respected business professional, mentor and maverick who is well travelled to over 108 countries.

His tenacity coupled with deep market knowledge and over 40 years commercial and cultural exposure worldwide have equipped Mike with the knowledge and wisdom to successfully lead five international companies. He is also a best-selling author of books in leadership, professional development and now truthseeking novels, making much-needed shifts in the business and life strategies of entrepreneurs, cooperations and truth-seekers alike.

In his conversation with Deepak Nanda from CSRBOX, he elaborates on the following questions:

1. What is your background in education, specifically in Entrepreneurship and being associated with institutions like the SAGE foundation?

2. What is conscious leadership and what has it got to do with Entrepreneur Education?

3. Why do you say, Entrepreneur Education isn’t working globally at present?

4. Where is the future of learning for the creatives, mavericks, driven people. Is it still like Steve Jobs in the Garage or has it transformed into something more nuanced?

 5. Who should be responsible for the future of work? Where does the ‘buck stop’ and how can we educate them to take conscious decisions?




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