In Conversation with Abhishek Choudhary, Co-founder, Saajha

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May 21, 2020

Abhishek Choudhary cofounded Saajha with Saransh Vaswani and Prashast Srivastav. Saajha is missioned to transform the public education system through parental and community participation. Saajha began its operation with 50 schools in 2014 and scaled its operations to 3 states (Delhi,Maharashtra, and Jharkhand) reaching up to 1500 schools. Abhishek is a recipient of Echoing Green Global Fellowship 2014 and Forbes 30Under30 young Achiever Award 2015. He is a Young India Fellow (Ashoka University) and a Gandhi Fellow from Class of 2012.


In this interview with Deepak Nanda from CSRBOX, he talks about the following:


1. Saajha believes in the Dignity and Potential of parents and enables them to impact the lives of children. It builds platforms for Parents to Impact the Lives of Children. Can you elaborate on the same?


2. Building leadership within local communities is something that is at the core of your work. What is it that you do to create these leaders and how do you create a sustainable model out of the same? How do you enable parents to ownership and leadership of their local schools?


3. Saajha started as a college project in 2014 and is currently operational in 3 geographies reaching up to 1300 schools. How did you scale and what are some of the key challenges that you faced during this phase?


4. You have worked with the government to work on 1000+ schools in Delhi, implemented projects with Foundations, Trusts and NGOs and also worked with organizations like UNESCO mgiep. What do you think is the difference in approach and level of expertise of each of these stakeholders?


5. How do you embed technology into your interventions?


6. What are the methodologies that you use to measure and assess impact for your projects?


7. What according to you are still some of the areas in education that have not been looked at completely and need more attention? And how do you envision the education landscape in the coming years?

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