In Conversation with Dr. Santhosh George, Director, Cure International India Trust

By auther pic. CSRBOX

February 22, 2022

Dr. Santosh George is a transformation specialist who has been serving the most vulnerable children across India for the last 25 years. CURE Int. India is one of the national voluntary organizations that he and Dr. Mathew Vargehse initiated and lead from its inception from 2008. The goal of this unique initiative is to see India free of disability from clubfoot. CURE International India Trust (CIIT) has been working for over 11 years providing affordable and effective non surgical interventions to permanently correct the clubfoot. Santosh George has Ph.D. in humanities from Madurai Kamaraj University in Tamil Nadu and he continues to inspire many to spend an hour every day in the “Development Struggle”

He answered the following questions during the interview:

1. What was the idea on which the Cure International India Trust was established and how has it developed since

2. Since partnerships play a vital role in your work model, what are some of the key benefits that the partnership with the government brings to the table?

3.  Can you enlist some of the current or past projects by the organisation that you are proud of and which were able to create the impact they set out to achieve for the children?

4.    To solve many of the global issues, you have brought all the ten major initiatives under one umbrella, titled as we10. It’s a consortium of 10 innovative programs that is changing the world for good forever and you call this mission a ‘transformation struggle’ so could you shed some light on this?

5.    Lastly, what is the big shift in the domain of disabilities in India that we need to look for and prepare the people around?





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