In Conversation with Mr Gaurav Gupta, Partner and Asia Director at Dalberg Advisors

By auther pic. CSRBOX

November 15, 2021

Mr Gaurav Gupta is Partner and Asia Director at Dalberg Advisors. He founded Dalberg’s first Asia office in Mumbai. Under his leadership, the firm has rapidly expanded to Delhi & Singapore with presence in other cities in SE Asia and Australia. He works with global development institutions, governments, corporations and civil society on their efforts towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. He globally heads Dalberg’s Impact Measurement and Climate & Energy practice.

Outside of Dalberg, Mr. Gaurav sits on the Board of Educate Girls, one of India’s largest NGOs focused on girl education and empowerment. He holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Oxford and an MA in International and Development Economics from Yale University.

In this Interview, Mr. Gupta answered the following questions:

1. CSR is a growing sector with multiple opportunities and challenges. What, do you think, are a few things firms should not compromise on getting right when it comes to CSR?

2. What does it mean for Dalberg to have an ‘impact first’ approach and how does that translate into CSR advisory/strategy?

3. Dalberg is a global firm focussing on local needs. What challenges do you think global firms face in planning initiatives that center around local issues and how might these challenges be tackled?

4. Smaller firms may have limited CSR spends and in such a scenario, what are some of the key things these firms need to keep in mind to ensure maximum impact on a limited budget?

5. Coming to our present situation. The global pandemic has brought into focus the socio-economic divide and the need for better health infrastructures. In a post pandemic world, what role does the CSR sector play and how can these resources be put to optimal use?

6. Measuring true social impact is often seen as something that is very expensive. What are the ways in which the funding can be best utilised in doing so?




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