In Conversation with Mr. Abhishek Choudhary, CEO CINI Community Initiatives

By auther pic. CSRBOX

April 20, 2022

Abhishek has been a senior solutions consultant for over 12 years for MNCs like IBM and Wipro in the earlier part of his career. He has done his MBA from IIM Calcutta, specialising in strategy and marketing. Abhishek joined as CEO of CINI Community Initiatives in 2019. He has been responsible for introducing new product variants, at the same time expanding use cases of existing products. Abhishek has kept a strong focus on enhancing the partner network of NGOs and Foundations, thus increasing the geographical footprint of CINICOMM with efficient logistics management. He has been responsible for effectively pivoting during the pandemic and stabilising the fundamentals. Under his guidance, the organisation is venturing into adjacent areas like menstrual hygiene and preparing products for the retail market.

He answered the following questions during the interview:

  1. What has been the biggest motivation or driving factor that has inspired the organization’s philosophy and how does that assist in empowering the marginalized communities?
  2. What are some of the key interventions/programs that the organisation is working on?
  3. Could you shed some light on the model, providing economically viable nutrition solutions and social entrepreneurship opportunities for the underserved communities, especially women?
  4. How has the foundation's work, reach, and services expanded since its inception? And how integral is the role of communities in strengthening your goals?
  5. During COVID or any such occurrence or yearly event, how do you align your work pedagogy and efforts to serve the communities you work with?





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