In Conversation with Mr. George J. Aikara, Chief Operating Officer – United Way Mumbai

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January 5, 2021

George leads strategy, operations and campaigns at United Way Mumbai (UWM) – a premier nonprofit organization with a vast footprint in urban and rural communities across the country. UWM has invested INR 480 crore in the areas of Education, Health, Income, Environment, Public Safety & Social Inclusion. George has 18 years of experience in the corporate and development sector and has worked in sales, marketing & international trading. Prior to joining UWM 10 years ago, he was based in Africa handling, among other functions, CSR initiatives, forming strategic developmental alliances with international stakeholders, and forming SHGs among agri communities.


At UWM, he oversees operations, finance, HR, campaigns, communications, community relations, impact assessment and investor relations functions. He also spearheads India’s largest philanthropy sporting event – The Mumbai Marathon. Under his leadership, the Marathon has grown to be an INR 45+ crore annual fundraising platform bringing together 200+ companies, 300 NGOs and 1500+ fundraisers each year. George has a strong interest and inclination towards furthering philanthropy, sustainable community initiatives, building impactful solutions and organizational development.


In interaction with Deepak Nanda from CSRBOX, he talks about the following:


1.         Could you walk us through the varied initiatives that UWM is involved in and how have they shaped since the inception of the organization?


2.         An interesting initiative that UWM has been associated with is Tata Mumbai Marathon, which is  India’s largest philanthropic sporting event. How did that come into being and how has this initiative grown to support as many as 700 NGOs nationwide?


3.         In response to the ongoing pandemic, are there any campaigns or work that you began exclusively to tackle the same? Also, how have your efforts been affected by it?


4.         UWM partners with a cohort of organizations be it corporate, NGO or institutional. How do you frame them and then leverage these to drive impact?


5.         How do you streamline the operational aspect of the organization and what role do volunteers play in strengthening it?


6.         Lastly, what are some of the initiatives or campaigns that UWM intends to launch in the near future?







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