In Conversation with Mr. Kamesh Sanghi, Director – Livelihoods at American India Foundation (AIF)

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January 27, 2021

Kamesh Sanghi is Director – Livelihoods at American India Foundation (AIF) where he is responsible for strategy, planning, partnerships, implementation, team mentoring, and business development for AIF’s Livelihoods programs. Through these programs AIF has benefitted close to 1.5 Lakh marginalized and vulnerable youth and women.

He has two decades of impressive and well-rounded leadership experience in the skilling sector, spanning multi-sectoral government-funded industrial projects, education and skill development. Using his passion, energy and entrepreneurial drive, he has successfully established 22 educational institutes and 15 skill development centers across 12 states in India.

 In his conversation with Deepak Nanda from CSRBOX, he elaborates on the following questions:

1.    Could you elaborate on the American India Foundation’s work in the country and share what you are currently working on under the livelihoods domain?

2.    How are you transforming the traditional face-to-face model to an online one and what has been the acceptability for the same?

3.    COVID-19 has for sure, brought digital transformation to the forefront. But how has the livelihoods domain been adapting to it and what missing linkages do you feel still remain?

4.    What is the model that you follow to segregate the livelihood avenues and thereon align and finally scale particular skill-based employment?

5.    How does partnering with public, private or NGOs affect your on-ground implementation?

6.    What are some of the future initiatives and challenges that you look forward to addressing



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