In Conversation with Ms. Kiran Modi, Founder and Managing Trustee- Udayan Care

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October 29, 2020

Ms. Kiran Modi is the founder & the managing trustee of Udayan Care – which literally ‘Eternal Sunshine & Care’ (in Sanskrit). Since inception, in February 1994. Udayan Care’s initiatives are focused towards regenerating the rhythm of life of the disadvantaged. Her interest in “Alternative Care” for children in need of care and protection led her to launch a bi-annual academic journal, “Institutionalised Children: Explorations and Beyond” under the aegis of Udayan Care in 2014 to cover the said topic from the South Asian countries’ perspective. With a doctorate in American Literature from IIT, Delhi, Ms. Modi is a person of varied experiences in diverse fields, such as children in care, media, health and children's theatre


In the interview, she answers the following:

1. Tell us a little bit about how & why Udayan Care was founded? What is the vision you began with?


2. Why did you advance into skill development? What is your approach to skilling the youth of India? 


3. Walk us through the Shalini fellowship program & how that is creating impact in the lives of disadvantaged girls. 


4. The COVID-19 pandemic altered the skilling landscape in many ways, in terms of demands of skills, approach to skilling & changes to the curriculum. What do you believe is the biggest change that COVID has brought about to the skill ecosystem in India? 


5. The NEP 2020 has introduced important reform & placed vocational integration into the mainstream curriculum. What positive impact do you see emerging from this?


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