In Conversation with Ms. Nidhi Mittal Bansal, Chairperson, Lenskart Foundation

By auther pic. CSRBOX

April 25, 2022

Nidhi Mittal Bansal is the chairperson at Lenskart Foundation. She is a journalist at heart and a social worker by passion. She has been working towards eradicating refractive error-based blindness from every nook and corner of our country. Her vision for Lenskart Foundation is to provide every child, every worker from different occupational backgrounds achieve a clearer vision. To make that possible she has been making consistent efforts towards spreading awareness about the importance of vision correction and care that has inspired many to join, support, and recognize this mission. Ever since she stepped into the realm of journalism, Nidhi has been a dedicated worker with a passion for developmental work. Today she is collaborating with the government of India to advocate Vision Correction as a national concern.

She answered the following questions during the interview:

  1. Let’s begin by hearing from you how the Lenskart Foundation came into being and what was the idea behind its inception?
  2. What is the program model and Who are the key beneficiaries of the program?
  3. Why is preventive eye care important? What are some of the key principles one should keep in mind while carrying out eye care initiatives on the ground?
  4. Eyecare is generally not seen as part of the primary health checkup. Do you think covering eye care under the ambit of primary health checkups will help resolve a larger chunk of vision problems in the country?
  5. What are the major socio-economic implications of vision impairment problems for the masses and our nation as a whole? Is there any link between visual impairment and the poverty cycle?
  6. Do you think there is any alignment between SDGs and the eye care initiatives undertaken? If yes, which SDGs are related to eye care initiatives and how do these initiatives impact the SDGs?





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