In Conversation with Nischal Narayanam, Founder and Mentor - Nischals Smart Learning Solutions

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July 1, 2020

Nischal Narayanam is the youngest Double Guinness World Record Holder and accredited as one of the Seven Brilliant Brains of the World, by the National Geographic Channel. He is the youngest Chartered Accountant India has ever produced. He is also the youngest to have completed graduation and double post-graduation in his early teens.


He is a learned child prodigy who has accomplished the 'Ganita Astavadhanam' and 'Satavadhanam' (a rare feat in Mathematics with 100 answer seekers) taking an august audience of Governors, Chief Ministers, Swamijis, reputed Mathematicians, Scientists, and Professors, by awe. For which he received thunderous applause and blessings from diverse regions of the Indian sub-continent, including those from the honorable former Presidents of our country.


He is a Gold Medal Winner of the renowned President's Award – National Child (the highest national award for children). As a young jury member, Nischal has also been part of the International children's film festival.


Nischal is the World Memory Champion by representing India and being appreciated as the youngest amongst the top 10 memorizers of the world. He is also a recipient of the esteemed Asian Education Leadership Award, held in Dubai.


A recognized prodigy, Nischal wished to share his learning methodology with young students and encourage them to achieve to the hilt of their potential. His desire took the shape of Nischal's Smart Learning Solutions, a company dedicated to developing innovative educational products that make learning enjoyable and retentive over the long-term. Nischal Narayanam, the founder and mentor of the company, is a young entrepreneur who strives to develop and impart knowledge.


In this interview, he talks about the following: 


1. You have achieved so much at such a young age and yet you strive to do more. What goes behind striking such innovative ideas and making them happen?


2. How are you working towards simplifying the education system and making learning fun for everyone and how does your approach towards the same differ from the interventions already in the space?


3. You intend to make experimentation accessible using your unique, portable, micro-scale and cost-effective labs, can you elaborate on the concept of these labs and how do they function and improve learning outcomes? And more importantly, how do you manage funds in such a strict cost structure?


4. Apart from hands-on learning, what are other areas that can be improved to make education more responsive?


5. How do you think the domain will pivot post the lockdown ends and what are some shifts that have already begun?


6. What would be your suggestion to the budding social enterprises/education startups?

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