In Conversation with Srini Ramaswamy, Co-founder, Pride Circle

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May 22, 2020

In Conversation with Srini Ramaswamy, Co-founder, Pride Circle


For close to 2 decades, Srini has transformed the culture of Fortune 500 organizations by fostering an inclusive, diverse work environment, enabling employees to bring their authentic selves & do the best work of their lives.


In his last role as Head of Inclusion & Diversity, he led the integration of D&I into HR and business to create exponential value for Cisco in India & Asia Pacific region. Before joining Cisco, he was the Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility, Employee

Engagement and Great Place To Work efforts for Intuit for the Asia Pacific. His pathbreaking people initiatives propelled Intuit to feature as #1 Best Companies to Work For in India & in the region.


For Srini, Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging efforts go beyond the workplace. As a Senior Advisor at NASSCOM D&I Regional Council, TEDx India, Connecting Dreams Foundation, Solidarity Foundation Women's Education Project (USA), he spreads his ideas on Social Welfare, Equality & Inclusion, Human Rights, Women Education & Empowerment, Sustainability, and Smart Village development projects.


He is an MBA (HR), Social Innovation Fellow at Amani, Certified Diversity Professional (CDP), FIRO-B Administrator and Behavioural Trainer.


Srini is known as a 'Male Champion of Diversity', who has gone that extra mile to advance equality across the spectrum at the workforce & outside. He has been recognized with various global accolades & awards, including the 2017 Ally Champion Award by Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, USA and the 2017 D&I Leadership Award (South East Asia) by BD Foundation, India. He was also featured in the TOP 100 Leaders of RAHM 2018 - The Global LGBT+ Leadership, London.

Now Srini has transitioned into a full-time entrepreneur and co-founded Pride Circle & organized India’s First LGBTQ Job Fair.


In this episode with Deepak Nanda from CSRBOX, he talks about the hiring landscape for the LGBTI community, the shift in corporate viewpoint about inclusion and how prepared is India to start conversations around gender-specific hiring.


He answers the following questions in the conversation:

1. Can you tell us a bit about Pride circle and what was the motivation behind starting it?


2. Do you think creating a separate hiring process for the LGBTI community is taken well by others in the organizations? How do you make sure that the ones who are hired under this program are well received by the ones at the organization?


3. What is the need for such an exclusive hiring event and how do you make sure it reaches the ones who need it? Considering that a lot of the people would still be apprehensive to come and be a part of it.


4. Having worked in varied geographies and regions across the country and internationally. How prepared are the Indian counterparts of the companies and the homegrown companies to the idea of inclusivity? Which regions do you think are more comfortable and which ones need to still be sensitized?


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