In conversation with Dr. Angela Chaudhuri, Partner, Swasti and Catalyst Management Services

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September 20, 2022

Angela loves to solve tricky problems particularly when they are intersectional problems like clinical services and behaviour that affect the most marginalized in the country and across the globe.

Having intrepid travelers as parents (father a surgeon and my mother a nutritionist), her upbringing has been across 5 countries and her work has taken her across 22 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. She likes to believe that this is what has made her a lover of culture, medicine, science, art and that through imagination and innovation, one can make a difference and drive social impact.

Seventeen years ago, having just returned to India from Boston, she was looking for a platform and a possible collaboration for an organisation she had founded as a college student and she found this in Swasti and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Of the several solutions that she has had the privilege of leading the design on - some that stand out are - the protocol for non-communicable diseases - risk assessment, screening, testing, treatment and adherence for community health workers used across Invest4Wellness - a program in primary care innovation; Precision Health Platform - an environmental surveillance platform for COVID that is currently taken up by the local government; Community Based Testing - where communities protected themselves by accepting and using the facilities for both HIV (Mithr) and COVID ( separate programs); Mithr subsequently was mainstreamed by the government, the Social Protection Help Desk - where the most vulnerable communities access entitlements respectfully and hassle-free ( there are now 171 desks across 16 states) , school Mental Wellbeing intervention and GenY specifically tailored to the contexts and needs of gender non- binary youth where parents, peers and teachers were part of the solution. She is also proud of having helped bring more than 1.7 billion USD to address significant public health concerns in 12 countries.

She feels that she is very fortunate to have found a platform to thrive in, to innovate from and work with some of the brightest minds and most passionate and committed communities and professionals in the world. 


Her values lead the paths she takes - both personal and professional. Leading with integrity, honesty and responsibility resonates with her. And since what drives health and well-being is a wicked problem, she uses her qualifications in medicine, epidemiology, disaster management, global health, and journalism to co-design solutions for complex public health challenges with and for vulnerable communities and countries. She believes in learning swiftly and experimenting widely.  She has and will continue to support a range of institutions from community groups to national governments around the world.

At present, she is putting together the Green Health Alliance in response to the havoc brought about to our health systems, and food systems due to climate change. Green Health Alliance seeks to foster, nurture and scale green solutions to improve public health and wellbeing. It is a multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary collaborative and knowledge platform with members such as Civil Society Organizations, Governmental Agencies, Private Sector Players, Technical Partners, Innovators and Funders in the areas of - People’s health and wellbeing, Health Systems, Food supply chain, Plant health, Environmental health, Animal health and clean energy.

As a daughter, sister, mother, wife, colleague and a public health leader who is passionate about public health, planetary health and social action, she considers herself blessed.


She seeks partnership and collegiality, learning and sharing opportunities, so we can come together to transform reality for the better - for the most marginalized.




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