In conversation with Prof. Ruchi Tewari, MICA-CMDC
In conversation with Prof. Ruchi Tewari, MICA-CMDC

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April 8, 2019

Prof. Ruchi has specialized in CSR and communication consultancy. She has a Ph.D. in Communication with focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. She has engaged in teaching, training and consulting and has participated in various reputed national and international platforms as an invited speaker, moderator and chair for sessions on CSR as a tool for development and social well-being. Her writing is published in various journals of international repute and she is a communication consultant specializing in organizational communication including communication for employee engagement.


Talking about CSR in India, Prof. Tewari says CSR has two views in India; one is the large general goodness that CSR equates to which has had a long history in India and the other is CSR as per the western world. CSR is what the western world has given India with the nomenclature of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ which is beyond doing good and there are attributes in an organization looking at creating synergy with the ecosystem and seeing what gets out of the ecosystem as well. CSR is a recent phenomenon, but with coming of Companies Act, CSR is just not an option anymore, everybody within the purview of what Government has assigned has assigned bracket for, organizations has to abide by it.


Prof. Tewari adds, ‘CSR is distinctively a positive step in the evolution of CSR. It has its own teething troubles but I am sure we will be able to figure it out and come up with an Indian version of CSR.’


Discussing the approach of NGOs towards CSR, Prof. Tewari states that MICA as a school is not very traditionally a jacketed business management school. It’s management that understands people as a part of the larger building on that count, MICA has its center which is ‘Centre for Management and Development Communications’ which is MICA’s own institutional social responsibility. MICA has got clubs like Jagruti to reach out to the community; a lot of academic projects which are aligned to the needs of the society. MICA is extremely sensitive towards responsibility and over a period of time, it is structuring the CMDC as definite arms to MICA’s social responsibility. So, MICA is right there responding to the need of the environment.


Commenting on the Importance of events like India CSR Summit, Prof. Tewari begins by saying that they are extremely important for various reasons like -

  • They get into mainstream talking about CSR and bring the entire CSR related community on one single platform while promoting dialogue. It helps in trust-building activity, helps in branding CSR.
  • It is also helping the outside world to know that India is taking CSR seriously.
  • Awards – Awards bring in a lot of credibility to the corporates, to the NGOs.
  • India CSR Summit is an essential and positive step to promote CSR in the country.

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