India Skill Series | Anjalli Ravi Kumar, Social Mission Director, Unilever

By auther pic. CSRBOX

September 3, 2020

Anjalli Ravi Kumar is the Social Mission Director for Unilever. Ms. Ravikumar is a Brand Purpose Consultant to several brands in Unilever. She partners with Marketing teams to unlock the potential of Mass Brands like Clinic Plus and Fair & Lovely (now glow and lovely) to create both social impact and long-term business value. She is responsible for creating the Fair & Lovely Career Foundation (now Glow & lovely careers)  for which she won Unilever’s Global Hero award in 2017. In the past, she has worked with social impact and sustainability advisory firms Dalberg and KPMG and spent the early years of her career with Naandi Foundation. 

In the interview, she answers the following questions 

1. The fair and lovely career foundation (now Glow & Lovely Careers) is one of the very few players who have targeted skill training and career development for women. What made Unilever venture into women’s skill development?

2. How is the academy empowering women through its skill training, and what are some unique features about the academy? 

3. What was the biggest challenge when creating a women-centric skills academy? How did you overcome it? 

4. What are some public and private partnerships which the foundation has been able to benefit from? 

5. At Glow & Lovely Careers you position aspiration as being an important key value that you are trying to achieve. Why is that important? 

6. Under your leadership, where are you taking the foundation next?

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