India Skill Series | Rama Iyer, Director - General, WPP India Foundation

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February 23, 2021

In this episode of the India Skill Series, we are in conversation with Ms. Rama Iyer, Director-General of the WPP India Foundation. Ms. Rama is a true product of WPP. Having started out as a Management Trainee at Ogilvy, India, she returned years later to set up the WPP Foundation. Since the last three years of Rama being at the helm of WPP Foundation, there have been key successes globally that have been recognized for the Foundation at industry and government forums like International CSR Excellence Awards, Asia’s Excellence Awards and Golden Peacock Awards. Individually Rama has also won several CSR awards such as the Women CSR Leader of the year award at the ET Now CSR Awards , The CSR Leader Award at a regional forum of Asia’s Excellence Awards, 2019 and Golden Globe Tigers Awards, 2020. With all experience, knowledge and success, Rama looks to share it all with upcoming generations of social entrepreneurs, actively mentoring them in their CSR strategies at an individual level, and as an Advisory Panel Member. 

In this interview, she answers the following questions:

1. Walk us through the vision of the WPP foundation. Why did the foundation decide to focus on the thematic areas of education and skill development? 

2. Tell us about the unique models and programs that you have piloted at the foundation. What has been the impact of these interventions? 

3. With the NEP coming out just a few months ago, technological and vocational integration are now at the heart of the mainstream curriculum. How is the foundation pivoting itself to realign with the Government's reformed policy?

4. How has the foundation leveraged industry partnerships to scale up and add value to its programs? 

5. In the post COVID world, what is the way forward for the foundation? What is an area of education or skill development that you would like to focus on?

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