India Skills Series | Dr. Peer GN Suhail, Mission Director and CEO at Jammu and Kashmir Skill Development Mission, Government of J&K

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September 11, 2020

Dr. Suhail is the Director of the J&K Skill Development Mission. He has earned his Ph.D. in Development Studies, MPP in International Development, and MA in Indian History.


He has worked with various prestigious institutions/organizations in India and abroad, and has conceptualized, supervised, and implemented programs on economic development and poverty alleviation, civil society, youth and women empowerment, social and business entrepreneurship, leadership, and personality development and alternative spaces of knowledge production etc.


His scholarly works include projects and publications on the political economy of development, governing globalization, land and water politics, microfinance, disaster and development, and third sector governance.


In this interview he answers the following:


1. What are some of the key programs you are running for skilling and what aspects of skilling are you focusing on the most?


2. Which skills are most sought by the beneficiaries in the region and do the programs have the diversity to cater to varied interests? And apart from industrial and corporate courses are there any training programs for the revival of traditional practices?


3. Do the courses and training see an equal or significant number of female participation?


4. How are you making the training aspect more enriching? Do you also focus on non-technical aspects like soft skills and personality development to further improve job readiness?


5. Apart from jobs how do you deal with aspects like entrepreneurship and small business setups?


6. How are you using institutional partnerships to add more avenues for skilling, be it international or national?


7. How have you adapted the programs post COVID when the classes and seminars can't be held in person? Also, another interesting initiative you have started around Let's Skill it- a series of talks via zoom. Can you elaborate on these?


8.  Lastly, what are some of the future avenues you look to explore to add more opportunities for the youth?


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