India Skills Series | Grace J. Suh, Vice President, Education- Corporate Social Responsibility- IBM Corporation

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September 25, 2020

Grace Suh is Vice President, Education, Corporate Social Responsibility at the IBM Corporation.  In her position, Grace manages IBM’s global education portfolio, including the P-TECH 9-14 School Model, a public education reform initiative spanning more than 200 schools and 20 countries, and SkillsBuild, a newly launched program designed to upskill and reskill adults through online learning, mentorship, and hands-on experiences.


Prior to IBM, Grace worked at the Children’s Defense Fund, a national child advocacy organization in Washington, D.C.  In addition to the corporate and nonprofit sectors, Grace has worked in city government with a focus on juvenile justice issues. Grace serves on a number of education committees and boards, including the Coalition for Career Development, bCahn Fellows Programs and Schools That Can.


Grace has a master’s degree in public policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University.


In the interview with Deepak Nanda from CSRBOX, she elaborates on the following questions:

1. Please tell us something about your current role at IBM and how you are trying to solve the challenges in the employability and the employment arena?


2. In your career that spans the development sector, government, and now corporate. Which of these three, is the most crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to bridging the skilling gap and what seems to be missing from its approach?


3. With COVID having crippled the current education system and forcing every institution to innovate, do you believe that the institutions and frameworks coming out of this pandemic will be any different and sustainable?


4. Talking about the innovation and approach that IBM is using to create future skills, what are key thoughts behind the entire approach of creating digital platforms? From SkillsBuild to Open P-TECH, IBM has an array of platforms for learners? What are the key USPs of these platforms when compared to platforms by other companies?


5. IBM has a unique culture of IBM Coaches. How does this play an important role in finding innovative solutions that work for communities across the globe?


6. You have been working with your peers across the globe for creating government and institutional partnerships. How has been your experience of working with government and academia in India? What is your plan for leveraging the demographic dividend that India has for the next 5-10 years?


7. How do you see Asia-Pacific playing a crucial role in the global skills and workforce ecosystem in the 2020s and beyond?


8. How has IBM been working on providing access to employment to skilled candidates and what is your future plan?



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