India Skills Series | Mr. Amarinder Singh, Founder & Chief Executive Officer Clove Dental

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September 16, 2020

A seasoned executive and entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of experience in both entrepreneurial ventures and large corporate organizations. Prior to founding Global Dental and Clove Dental in India, Mr. Singh ran a supply chain software company based in San Francisco, California. He was also a Senior Vice President at SAP with global responsibility for SAP's Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Product Lifecycle products collectively generating over $1BN in revenue. He has also worked in senior management roles at Procter & Gamble, Warner Lambert (Pfizer) and as a consultant with Bain & Co in Toronto Canada.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Singh has incubated and managed a few companies in the healthcare and education sectors. He has with his co-directors led the raising of over US$ 80 million in venture funding from leading private equity firms across the world. An affable person with a passion for excellence and a commitment to ethical conduct, Mr. Singh leads the Clove Dental team as its founding CEO.

Mr. Singh holds an MBA (honors) from Harvard Business School, a master’s degree in System Design Engineering (Gold Medalist) from the University of Waterloo, Canada, and a formal degree in Mechanical Engineering.

In this interview with Deepak Nanda from CSRBOX, he answers the following:

1. As an entrepreneur, you incubated and managed a number of companies in the healthcare and education sectors. What would you say were the key skills that helped you through this entrepreneurial journey of yours? For instance, even though you are not a dentist, yet you successfully founded and are running one of the largest dental clinic chains in the country.

2. Your Idea of setting up an enterprise was to do social good but in a model that is sustainable. How do you think can one juggle the two- profitability and social good, without having to compromise on either of them?

3. Having worked with corporates and ventures both in India and abroad, what sets the work culture apart and how do you feel both of them can benefit from a cross-cultural value system exchange?

4. From having exposure in the supply chain to technology to the education sector and then healthcare, how would you say has the transition been and are the learnings from this multi domain-oriented approach that you followed in your career as opposed to a linear path pursued by many?

5. When looking to hire a professional for a role, what matters more to you- education or competence?

6. Considering that COVID19 has disrupted many segments. How do you think it has affected the healthcare space and more importantly the professionals in it?

7. Lastly, which is one of the upcoming sectors or domains in particular that you feel will become dominant in the industry for times to come, and what would be the skills that would best justify the work required by them?

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