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Project Pitch By: Aarine Foundation


Proposed Project Title

Project Right To Education


Thematic Area

Promotion of education, special education and vocational skills

Sub Thematic Area

Education Programs

Project Synopsis

Aarine foundation operating education programs like stationary distribution, freeship distribution, post school tuition, free digital education, Gender education, health check camps for holistic development of children from first to tenth standard from low-income background families. Our programs help to reduce dropout ration, acquire quality education through eradiating problems faced by children in Mumbai MMR region and surrounding villages. Aarine Foundation working on very low expense model with maximum productivity and genuine case studies and projects. Every year Aarine foundation supports more than 5000 students through different schools. Looking to expand our reach to serve the humanity and develop our country.

Overview of the Proposed Project

Estimated Budget
INR 0.6 Cr - INR 1.0 Cr
Proposed Location
Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Thane

Key Project Partners
Academic Institute,NGOs,Companies

Project Status


Beneficiary Type (Primary): Children
Beneficiary Type (Secondary): Children
Estimated No. of Beneficiaries: 3000 - 10000 Individuals
Status of Baseline Survey: Already Done

Proposed Project Description

Overall Objective of the Project: 

  • Education development 
  • Help to deserving students 
  • Improve the standard of education 
  • To inspire needy students for don’t give-up their study due to weak financial condition  
  • Increase digital Literacy 
  • Better infrastructure for educational institutes 

Specific Objectives of the Project: 

To support 10000 students through stationary distribution, 200 Needy Students through scholarship distribution, 200 primary students for post schools’ tuitions and additional assistance.

Location of the Project: Mumbai MMR region 

Duration: 1 year 

Rationale for this Intervention: 

There are many such children, who are very meritorious in studies, but due to their financial condition, they have to leave their studies in the middle. This has a bad impact on education development, because students who should get all the facilities, because of their talent, they do not even get the basic facilities, and some children make unnecessary use of the facilities provided for their study. Due to lack of information and resources, they do not get facilities from the government, in such a situation, the future of many meritorious students is ruined, due to lack of help from anywhere, most of the students leave their studies, which has a great impact on the development of the society.

Sustainable development Goals: No Poverty, No Hunger, Quality Education, and Gender Equality. 

Description of the Programs/ Activities: Scholarship 

  • To provide information to every needy student about this scholarship scheme through social media, news and in educational institutes.
  • Selection of deserving students through 5 steps process –
    • Online or offline application
    • Telephonic verifications
    • Document verification
    • Interview of parent
    • Interview of student
  • Committee of 5 people (experienced faculties) will select a student after completion of 5 step verificationAfter selection of 150 students amount will be directly transfer in school/college / institute bank account, so that there will be no misuse of scholarship amount –
  • Submission of details project report to funding agency with every necessary details like –beneficiary details, transaction details, photographs of activities and other essential documents

Description of the Programs/ Activities:  Post school tuitions

  • Community survey in different areas
  • Shortlisting of project areas
  • Survey for enrollment of students
  • Development of infrastructure
  • Appointment of staff and trainers
  • Starting of project
  • Execution of plan
  • Regular Supervision and visits
  • Evolution of project
  • Feedback on improvisation   

 Description of the Programs/ Activities:  Stationary distribution

  • Online and offline advertisement
  • Invitation of application online and offline
  • Verification of applications
  • Shortlisting applications
  • Physical visits to proposed location
  • Verification of lists and shortlisting needy students
  • Distribution of stationary

Innovativeness of the Project:

Since this is a scholarship project, financial assistance will be given to those students who need it. Especially students living in rural areas, students living in slum areas - who are always ignored by society, many educational institutions run scholarship schemes, but the number of needy and deserving students in those scholarship is very less, As these schemes are done only for the promotion of the educational institution, but in our project the beneficiaries will be selected through ground level survey, our volunteers will visit door to door to select the beneficiaries for the interview who need it the most. This makes it an innovative project because there is very fewer agencies that provide scholarship after grass route survey, most of them do these activities to earn fame not for help to needy student.

This project will inspire every needy and deserving student who think it’s hard to complete their study without joining expensive classes, along with this project we will organize a counseling program for needy students, who need guidance and support related to their study, subject and tuition, our invited experienced faculties will guide them properly, so that if there is any myth or rumors about their studies in student’s mind, that will be clear, it will prove very useful for them.   

 A Note on Sustainability of the Proposed Project:

Every year, new students are prepared to enter the higher education system. Despite their merit, the majority of underprivileged students cannot finish their higher education. Students in need who lack basic amenities always need projects like these. T there are more poor students every year and because it is crucial to offer scholarships to eligible students so they can pay for their education.

After this project is finished, our organization will continue it and work to award scholarships to as many deserving students as possible. To do this, numerous efforts will be made to gather grants, such as by submitting applications for CSR projects and fundraising through online platforms, and the necessary funds will be deposited with the help of the organization's members. Similar to how this project would choose deserving and needy students, by gathering information on the beneficiaries on the ground and choosing them through interviews, this project's primary goal will be to help the student who needs it the most. He should first receive a scholarship. 

Risks if any and Solutions to Mitigate the Same:

Despite the project's low likelihood of risk, certain risks still have a probability of occurring. These risks include-

  • Benefits to those students who do not have the need
  • Wrong selection in the selection process
  • Not paying attention to studies after getting support

The likelihood of these risks is very low, but if they do arise during project implementation, it is the project head's duty to oversee each activity from beginning to end to ensure that there is no chance of any corruption in project activities. After all, this project is intended to assist deserving and needy students, and our organization is very conscious of helping these students improve their studies even from the year our organization was founded.   


Salient Features

  1. We are operating long term program so that child development is monitored properly.
  2. we have projects in such places where the need exists means genuine beneficiary are targeted.
  3. Children from Uran slums, Rural and tribal areas are benefitted through same program.

About Aarine Foundation

Aarine Foundation works for welfare of woman children since 2017. Aarine means ‘mountain strength,’ which aims to achieve through the work at the foundation. By providing for and working with Maharashtra’s youth, we hope to strengthen people’s lives to become self-sustaining and hardworking human beings. The name of the organization is such that it can reflect the opinion of inclusion and equality. In contrast, the pink colour symbolizes female and girl children and our efforts to work for their betterment and upliftment. Thus, the Aarine foundation is for all, regardless of their caste, religion, or race. Aarine foundation works in the field of Education, Digital Education, Skill Development, Livelihood, Woman Empowerment and Health. From three last year’s Aarine Foundation is supporting 5000-10000 beneficiaries every year.   Aarine Foundation works in ground level for holistic development of community development through different projects like Shakti for women, Right To Education for children and youth, Ganga for Menstrual Hygine, Kaushalya for skill develoment, Rojgar for Livelihood. 


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