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Project Pitch By: Chaitra Creations & Publicity


Proposed Project Title



Thematic Area

Ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance, wildlife & natural resources conservation

Sub Thematic Area

Natural Resources Conservation

Project Synopsis

Our company’s continued focus on serving social causes and issues has led us to invest time and effort to conceptualize and design a program collateral which can be used by social organizations to further the cause of spreding awareness on social burning issusin your areas and geographies of adoption, thereby guiding children as groomed and cultured citizen of india. SUJAAN is a social program kit which primarily focus on current social topics, especially for children, like Child Abuse, Cleanliness, Water Conservation & Sanitation, Environment & Disaster Management, Energy and Traffic. The kit primarily has been conceptualized on the Prime Minister’s vision of “Activity Based Learning” and helps develop Creativity, Observation, Logical Reasoning, Hand Eye Coordination, Fine Motor Skills and Communication Skills of the targeted children. The complete collateral can be used as-is or can be customized as part of your educational and social program design.

Overview of the Proposed Project

Estimated Budget
INR 1.0 Cr - INR 5.0 Cr
Proposed Location

Key Project Partners
Government,Companies,Municipal Corporation

Project Status


Beneficiary Type (Primary): Children
Beneficiary Type (Secondary): Children
Estimated No. of Beneficiaries: above 10000 Individuals
Status of Baseline Survey: Already Done

Proposed Project Description

·         What concern the project seeks to address: - 

Creating  awareness among students about various environmental issues and to inspire and encourage them for environment conservation.

·      Project Background:- Environment degradation is one of the severe problems the young generation facing now a days. They need to understand various aspects and issues related with environment degradation and also need to learn about  ways and means of environment conservation/protection

The project is conceptualized in terms of several activities and activity books. The activity books give information about Environmental issues and how to deal with it. The activities help students to reinforce their learning. The plan is to “Catch them Young”. THE MORE CHILDREN AND PARENTS ARE INFORMED / MADE AWARE ABOUT ENVIRONMENT CONSERVATION, LESSER THE DEGRADATION.


Our Vision is to create an environment that promotes Happy and Safe childhood. And for that we have created multiple IEC solutions and awareness material to take required initiatives for combating successfully with the issue of Environment. The meaning of the word Sujaan is deep, mature and enriched sensibilities. It is strongly believed that if guided properly in their early age, children can be groomed as cultured and responsible citizen which has a direct impact on the future of our country.


This material helps to spread awareness on current social burning issues. All the subjects covered are of utmost importance in our day to day life, for e.g. Cleanliness, Traffic and Water etc. Along with the books which give information on the subjects, we have created Art and Craft kits also. These kits make every subject interactive and fun for every kid. It is often observed that a child remembers a particular thing if taught while playing or solving something using activities. More than reading and learning, solving an activity has more impact on any memory. So all the kits developed help the children to learn each and every subject while solving an activity and indirectly it is memorised by them for their whole life. It eventually will bring behavioural change in them and will continue for their whole life.



Salient Features

  1. Our target audience / beneficiaries are from the slums/rural areas. The parents of those children are not aware of all these issues and also cannot af
  2. v The Activity kit about each subject helps to develop following skills among students. · Creativity · Observation · Lo

About Chaitra Creations & Publicity

Chaitra Creations and Publicity is known for its end to end solutions as we take care of everything right from the Research and Conceptualization till the delivery of material and products .Over the years we have developed a special expertise to make any awareness programs a grand success. We have set a bench mark for creating IEC material about various social issues and social welfare schemes and projects undertaken by Government of Maharashtra for the Public Welfare. Also the IEC material developed by us is reviewed and evaluated by the State Council of Education and Research Training (SCERT), Pune


We have worked in the field of creating IEC (Information, Education and Communication) material from the past 19 years. We have great experience with making innovative material for the kids who are the most important target for any awareness activity. We offer innovative products which are very useful for kids and women. 

You can go through our website for more details:


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