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Project Pitch By: DocOnline Health India Pvt. Ltd


Proposed Project Title

Conversion of PHC into ePHC(Uttar Pradesh )


Thematic Area

Rural development projects

Sub Thematic Area

Smart Village Project

Project Synopsis

Doconline Health India Private Limited is one of the pioneer organization to establish telemedicine in rural India, with an application of state-of-the-art Telemedicine Management System and Multi-vital Diagnostic Equipment. Won a project to run 10 PHC (Primary Health Center) with telemedicine platform in different places of UP to provide complete healthcare solution for the semi rural and rural people where providing health care is a challenge. Consultation Services: DocOnline is providing Online Video Consultation, Audio Consultation to a patient with the presence of Paramedic staff. Diagnostic Service: Set up a lab at the ePHC to fulfill diagnostic requirement Goals and objectives of the project: • To treat the patients through tele-consultancy • To empower the rural people to get treatment on line • To provide people with diagnostic tests • To build confidence among th people for getting on line treatment from Doctor

Overview of the Proposed Project

Estimated Budget
INR 1.0 Cr - INR 5.0 Cr
Proposed Location

Key Project Partners
Government,Gram Panchayat,Municipal Corporation

Project Status


Beneficiary Type (Primary): Youth
Beneficiary Type (Secondary): Women
Estimated No. of Beneficiaries: 1000 and above Families
Status of Baseline Survey: Already Done

Proposed Project Description


The State Innovations in Family Planning Services Project Agency, Lucknow (“SIFPSA” or “Authority”) is committed to improve the healthcare services in the state of Uttar Pradesh, and engaged in the development of health infrastructure and provisioning of effective healthcare services across the state. The Project is to implement in 10 (ten) select primary healthcare centres (PHC) in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

ePHC / Digital Dispensary/ Patient Nodes:

Digital dispensaries is setup at identified PHCs in Uttar Pradesh. Primary healthcare centres are equipped for video consultation with MBBS doctors. The digital dispensary is to conduct basic investigations, diagnostic tests and distribute medicine as prescribed also deployed an automatic medicine dispensation machine to dispense medicine at two PHCs.


  1. Deploying Paramedic , Lab Technician, Fharmacists
  2. Deploying Online consultation Platform
  3. Lab Setup for Diagnostic tests
  4. Medicine inventory management and supply 
  5. Providing online doctor comsultation

Command Centre:

DocOnline established Command Centre  at Hyderabad . Providing video consultation from Command Centre(s) to the patients at digital dispensaries.The Command Centre(s) are equipped to facilitate uninterrupted video consultation with patients at digital dispensary

Electronic Medical Record (EMR):

Developed and deployed an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software for this Project. Every patient visiting the digital dispensary is registered in the EMR. For every patient visiting the respective PHC, the EMR  have the patient’s history, health issues, treatment provided and other details. EMR system captures mandatory fields and  have the ability to integrate with Central Patient.

Consolidated MIS Record:

Developed a consolidated MIS for the Govt. Authority. This MIS have all the data gathered / saved including develop a consolidated MIS for the Authority. This MIS have all the data gathered / saved including any viany vitals / diagnostics tests. The MIS have the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defined in the Draft Service Agreement and its compliance status. The Damages is calculated using MIS, monitoring and inspection


Salient Features

  1. Providing Doctor Consultation, Diagnostic Service and Pharmacists under a single umbrella. Doconline have 30 on role doctors those are dedicated to ha
  2. Own platform for online consultation and integrated EHR system and end to end clinical solution DocOnline maintain patient and clinical information in
  3. MIS have all the data gathered / saved including develop a consolidated MIS for the Authority. This MIS have all the data gathered / saved including a

About DocOnline Health India Pvt. Ltd

DocOnline Healthcare is an ‘online doctor consulting’ platform for preventive/non-emergency medical care. It allows members to consult with certified and experienced doctors through audio/video calls or chat facilities by simply using a smartphone or the web from anywhere and at any time – absolutely as per the employee's convenience. We are a Swedish-based firm, headquartered in Hyderabad and one of India's first ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Healthcare Companies. DocOnline is one of the leading Online Platform for Doctor Consultation in India. Please visit us @


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