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Proposed Project Title

Sustainable technology development for plastic waste management.


Thematic Area

Ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance, wildlife & natural resources conservation

Sub Thematic Area

Recycling & Waste Management

Project Synopsis

The overarching goal of this proposal is to develop a sustainable technology to manage plastic waste. We aim to re-process the plastic and reuse it for new products so that waste plastic does not end up choking the surrounding environment. Also burning of waste plastic in open dumpsites can be arrested. We aim to recycle the unwanted plastic waste that is thrown everywhere littering the streets, clogging sewers, and encroaching people

Overview of the Proposed Project

Estimated Budget
below INR 0.3 Cr
Proposed Location
All over India , All over India , All over India

Key Project Partners
Government,Municipal Corporation

Project Status


Beneficiary Type (Primary): General
Beneficiary Type (Secondary): Youth
Estimated No. of Beneficiaries: Upto 100 Individuals
Status of Baseline Survey: Yet To Be Done

Proposed Project Description

Recycled plastic product

The novelty of recycled waste plastic reinforced with natural fiber from sugarcane bagasse in presence of Maleic acid polyethylene (MAPE). The nature of this invention consists of the employment of natural fiber incorporated together to be made into new structures for further usage as furniture logs enclosed in non-wood or other materials such as polystyrene. The polymer-bonded logs are usable immediately after extruding without further heat treatment or impregnation. Advantages of such wood-free recycled plastic-made logs include:  simple manufacturing process; very low raw material inventory; waste-free manufacturing; homogeneous mixing of casing/body and glossy finish in one single co-extrusion process; non-hazardous, non-polluting & non-toxic.

In the frame of a circular economy, the maximization of secondary raw-material recovery is

necessary to increase the economic and environmental sustainability of open dumpsites and reclamation activities. In this proposed project, we shall be utilizing the polyethylene-rich plastic fraction recovered from the reclamation from solid waste dumpsites. The produced composite shall be characterized through spectroscopic, thermal, morphological, and mechanical analyses. Then, an economically viable valorization and recycling strategy will beset-up. The effectiveness of this strategy in the enhancement of dumpsite recovered plastic (DRP) properties will be demonstrated through morphological and mechanical characterizations.


Salient Features

  1. Reinforcing the natural fiber from sugarcane bagasse with waste LDPE and HDPE to prepare polymer composites
  2. Standardising the reinforcing effect, plasticization effect along with modification by coupling agents, properties, and applications based on composite materials
  3. Fabricating and upscaling the existing extrusion machinery for the production of re-processed polymer granules


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Help us Eradicate Malnutrition

Help us Eradicate Malnutrition

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