Last Updated:  24/06/2020

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Project Pitch By: Indent Designs Private Limited


Proposed Project Title

Project Vidya Rath: Powered wheelchair to enable education


Thematic Area

Promotion of education, special education and vocational skills

Sub Thematic Area

Education Infrastructure (hostel, school buildings, benches, desks etc)

Project Synopsis

Right To Education should be exercised by all. Without someone aiding PwDs it is very difficult to navigate Indian Road conditions and hence access to educational institutions and infrastructure remains a challenge. Providing a product like Ibex will empower PwDs to navigate these conditions independently so that they can reach their place of education. According to the census 2011, there are approximately 6.8 lakh students who have mobility impairment in India. These very students if provided a proper education can in the future become valuable contributors to society.

Overview of the Proposed Project

Estimated Budget
INR 0.6 Cr - INR 1.0 Cr
Proposed Location
Mumbai, Pune, Ahmednagar

Key Project Partners
Government,Academic Institute,NGOs

Project Status


Beneficiary Type (Primary): PWDs
Beneficiary Type (Secondary): Youth
Estimated No. of Beneficiaries: above 10000 Individuals
Status of Baseline Survey: Yet To Be Done

Proposed Project Description

Product/solution Description

There are many manual and powered wheelchairs easily available in the Indian market. Unfortunately, most of these wheelchairs are designed to navigate on smooth surfaces. And the ones, designed for rough terrain aren’t usually indoor friendly.

Our product, Ibex is an electric personal mobility device designed to traverse on Indian Road conditions. It’s unique three-wheeled design and high torque ensures that Ibex can go where most personal mobility devices cannot. In order to make it durable, easily serviceable and low on maintenance, Ibex has been designed using ubiquitous, standardised cycle parts that are easily available in local markets.


Special Features of the Product

Ibex has been designed in-house by an enthusiastic young team of 5 in consultation with physiotherapists and designers from Industrial Design Centre (IIT Bombay) to make ergonomically, aesthetically and thoughtfully designed wheelchair. The wheelchair can easily be modified to meet needs of various PwD cases. Ibex can also be serviced easily and requires low maintenance, thereby ensuring a lower cost of ownership.


Product USP

  • Ibex is specifically designed in-house to navigate on India Road Conditions
  • It has been built using cycle parts that are standardised, ubiquitous and durable, making products easy to maintain and service
  • It can easily be modified to suit each PWD’s need.

Salient Features

  1. Will be holding camps to ensure that PwD gets the appropriate retrofitted wheelchair
  2. Wheelchair is designed for Indian road conditions, can go on most Indian road surfaces
  3. Designed using cycle parts, ensuring that the wheelchair is durable while it is easy to service and maintain.

About Indent Designs Private Limited

Indent Designs Private Limited (IDPL) is a SINE incubated Company, that plays in the electric personal mobility space. IDPL was established in February 2014. IDPL has to its credit 6 patents covering technologies for the automotive industry. In 2017, the company explored opportunities in personal mobility space for the disabled and designed an electric mobility vehicle suited to Indian road conditions.

Vision statement: 

To dominate electric personal mobility space In India through frugal Innovation

Mission Statement:

To achieve an objective of providing Ibex to 1200 mobility Impaired Individuals by December 2021


IDPL’s first CSR activity was in collaboration with Rotary Club Mumbai Sion. The activity covered PwD students and citizens seeking employment opportunities. Out of 25 applicants, 8 were identified to receive Indent Design's electric mobility vehicle. The beneficiaries contributed a third of total cost to acquire the vehicle while the balance cost was borne by Rotary and Indent. This was done to ensure commitment of usage by the beneficiary. This model ensures that the activity Is self -sustaining and reaches larger number of people.


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