Last Updated:  19/04/2024

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Project Pitch By: MindTrailz Pvt Ltd


Proposed Project Title



Thematic Area

Promotion of education, special education and vocational skills

Sub Thematic Area

Skill Development

Project Synopsis

The goal of Career Guidance and Mentoring at an Early stage, is not just to make decisions. But to empower students and professionals with the in depth knowledge and skills required to purse the path. We help students to identify factors influencing their career selection alongwith a 360 degree assessment of their interests, abilities, and values. We help them determine the next steps and develop a plan to achieve their goals.

Overview of the Proposed Project

Estimated Budget
INR 0.3 Cr - INR 0.6 Cr
Proposed Location
Mumbai, PAN INDIA , Gujrat

Key Project Partners

Project Status


Beneficiary Type (Primary): Children
Beneficiary Type (Secondary): Youth
Estimated No. of Beneficiaries: 100 - 500 Individuals
Status of Baseline Survey: Already Done

Proposed Project Description


Career Guidance and soft skill training is a comprehensive, rights-based development approach designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. It empowers students, parents and teachers with the required knowledge and path to be taken on various career options, and help them set their career goals well in advance.  

This leads to a student’s social, financial and emotional well-being and prepares them for the changing workplace of the 21st century by : 

  • Broadening knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Improving decision making skills
  • Increasing self-esteem and motivation
  • Building interpersonal effectiveness
  • Maximizing career opportunities
  • Teaching labor market changes and complexity of the workplace

We give a complete insight in the trending courses and streams available, depending on the students personality, Skills and Abilities and many other important factors. 
A lot of students especially from the Tier 2 and 3 schools, drop out of high school or change their streams mid-session. All these can be avoided if they acquire guidance at an early stage. The entire system is integrated to include parents, students, and teachers in making informed decisions. The project aims at providing the required awareness and information at an EARLY STAGE


Salient Features

  1. Help you identify the factors influencing your career development, and help you assess your interests, abilities, and values
  2. Help you figure out who you are and what you want out of your education, your career, and your life
  3. Help you locate resources and sources of career information and determine the next steps to achieve your goals

About MindTrailz Pvt Ltd

MindTrailz is a professional career coaching, soft skill training and development company.  We prepare individuals for the fast growing and dynamic world by empowering them with the desired skills and knowledge. MindTrailz came into being out of a passion to guide and mentor students, career professionals or even housewives, carve the right career path for themselves.

We not only help you make the decisions about your career, but also help you understand yourself, with the changing situations that will influence you’re your career and personal development with a deeper study of your interests, ability, values, personality and more

Mission :

We are here to transform lives by bringing the right guidance and mentorship within easy reach of all those who need it and make a SOCIAL IMPACT.


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