Last Updated:  11/01/2022

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Project Pitch By: Prasanna Trust


Proposed Project Title

COVID-19 - Response & Relief - Anna Daana Services - Phase 7 - Delivered 22 Lakhs Meals and Continuing


Thematic Area

Eradicating hunger, poverty and malnutrition, promoting health care, sanitation & safe drinking water

Sub Thematic Area

Hunger & Malnutrition

Project Synopsis

The project addresses the COVID-19 Challenge & Lockout. We have delivered Over 2.2 Million Meals & Smiles to the Needy and Continuing.. – 22,02,367 Meals (4,97,513 Kgs of Cooked Food) were distributed in a phased manner, starting from Phase 1 to 7 under COVID-19 Anna Daana Service. With distribution Support from Bengaluru City Police, Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII ) – Youths and our Volunteers. With this project we aim to serve the needy and provide COVID-19 relief services, which has been started from 1st January 2022

Overview of the Proposed Project

Estimated Budget
INR 1.0 Cr - INR 5.0 Cr
Proposed Location
Koramangala, Austin Town, Jeyanagar

Key Project Partners

Project Status


Beneficiary Type (Primary): Children
Beneficiary Type (Secondary): Women
Estimated No. of Beneficiaries: 1000 and above Families
Status of Baseline Survey: Already Done

Proposed Project Description

Project Objectives:

  • COVID – 19 – Response & Relief Activities
  • Food is being prepared in Our Modern & Hygienic Kitchen and Packed by our Prasanna Trust team. Due to Social distancing requirements and to respect the law, We have taken the help from Police and the Government.
  • Addressing the COVID-19 Challenge & Lockout, we have completed the distribution of Over 2.2 Million Meals –22,02,367 Meals (4,97,513 Kgs of Cooked Food) under a phased manner from 1 to 7 of COVID-19 Anna Daana Service, With Distribution Support from Bengaluru City Police, Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII ) – Youth and our Volunteers.
  • There was an anticipation that the COVID-19 Challenges would end. Unfortunately the Pandemic has again taken the course of the 3rd wave and is posing a stronger threat. Our determination to Serve Needy has also become Stronger and Continuing the Phase 7 of Relief Services from 01st January 2022.

Salient Features

  1. Addressing COVID-19 Related Hardships Faced by Needy
  2. Focus on Slum Dwellers, Daily Wage Earners
  3. Children & Elderly

About Prasanna Trust

Prasanna Trust, Bengaluru - A Non-Religious NGO – Serving Humanity, Since 1982 Founded by Swami Sukhabodhananda – Respected as “Corporate Guru”.Taken A holistic approach to Seva – Anna Daana, Arogya Daana and Gyana Daana & Prasanna Jyothi - A Home for Homeless Girl Children and has been Effectively Serving the Society Since 1982.

Prasanna Trust is a Charitable Trust, established in the year 1982 and Registered under Section 12A and Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, FCRA Registered with the objective of :

  • Providing Food Relief to the Poor ( Anna Daana )
  • Providing Medical Relief to the Poor ( Arogya Daana )
  • Providing Education to the Poor ( Gyana Daana )
  • Home for Homeless Girl Children, Including Education & Care ( Prasanna Jyothi )

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