Last Updated:  26/10/2023

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Proposed Project Title

India's first rape preventive device - SHAKTI


Thematic Area

Gender equality, women empowerment , senior citizens and economically backward groups

Sub Thematic Area

Women Empowerment

Project Synopsis

SHAKTI WEARABLES IS INDIA'S FIRST WOMEN CRIME PREVENTIVE TECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE ( REGISTERED AS BOTH A PVT COMPANY AND SECTION 8 ) There is no single dedicated device today that can allow an average Indian woman to solve crimes like rapes, domestic violence etc on her own from end to end . The innovation in the proposed solution is the electrification feature and sos feature installed in a wearable format with a regulator and a button to regulate the emitted current and prevent crimes by lowering down the attackers nervous system without causing any death harm making it the first such product of India.

Overview of the Proposed Project

Estimated Budget
INR 0.6 Cr - INR 1.0 Cr
Proposed Location
Haryana, Uttar pradesh, rest states of India

Key Project Partners

Project Status


Beneficiary Type (Primary): Women
Beneficiary Type (Secondary): Adolescent
Estimated No. of Beneficiaries: above 10000 Individuals
Status of Baseline Survey: Already Done

Proposed Project Description

Project Shakti is an initiative to prevent women centric crimes like rapes , domestic vioelnce , acid attack , eve teasing , molestation and more with a vision to empower women in true sense and make them independent by giving their safety in their hands . 

On our encounter with more than 800 women , gthe following have been our observation -

  • More than 93% of sample  agreed that women safety is a relevant problem in today’s time with no proper and direct solution
  • While taking an auto , boarding a cab , travelling in a train alone , the fear of feeling unsafe was 70% higher during evening and night hours .
  • Females from the age of 12 to 16 years felt unsafe in school buses , outside school premisses and walking on roads at night hours .
  • Females from the age of 23 to 30 years claim that irrespective of the kind of workplace , women are better in groups than solo .
  • Women from the age of 31 to 47 years claim that home makers are equally unsafe inside the house premises due to issues like domestic violence .

Every 16 minutes a rape case is reported in India and ironically more than 91% of such cases go unreported .

The bigger problem is unavailability of any device that allow women and girls to protect themselves on spot or escape such crimes . 

The loophole with solutions is on time response delay ( during the attack , the victim might not get the time to open the bag and use the spray or by the time any external help comes , the crime gets committed ) 

SHAKTI is a wearable that can be worn like a wrist watch on the hand and in case of any emergency when the attached button is pressed it activates the electrification feature which generates EM waves and when the dia, of the wearable touches the skin of the attacker for fractions of seconds electrify them and make them numb for 2 to 3 minutes and automatically send their location to nearby friends and family in form of whatsapp and text messages . 

This device can be charged like a phone and a 30 minute charge can make the device work for 3 days . 

Under project SHAKTI , we intend to sell the product at a price to the women who can afford it and invite a lot of Corporates to help us distribute these products free of cost to the women and girls in villages , slums and to the category of women who cannot afford it at a price . 


Salient Features

  1. India's first rape preventive device
  2. Patent technology of electrifying attacker and sending sos location to nearby people
  3. Trial and tested with add on features like - shock proof to wearer , water proof etc


Project shakti  is not just another NGO  but an attempt with years of hardwork , Rnd and passion to change the fate of safety of women in this country . Nirbhaya , shraddha and so many cases , everyday only the name changes not the cruelty .

Shakti is an attempt to give the power of safety of women in their own hands and make them independent in true sense

We innovate and create solutions to solve many social problems using technology to benefit the people and empower them in true sense . 

The project is incorporated under for profit category and as a section 8 (NGO) as well .


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