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Project Pitch By: Sascan Meditech Pvt Ltd


Proposed Project Title

Screening of Oral Cancer in rural areas with limited access to healthcare using OralScan


Thematic Area

Eradicating hunger, poverty and malnutrition, promoting health care, sanitation & safe drinking water

Sub Thematic Area

Hospital infrastructure, medical camps, surgeries, healthcare awareness & rehabilitation

Project Synopsis

OralScan is a novel hand-held multimodal imaging camera for oral cancer screening and biopsy guidance. The device comes with proprietary software to screen and detect potentially malignant lesions of the oral cavity from tissue autofluorescence and oxygenated hemoglobin (HbO2) absorption maps. The device has the ability to locate the most malignant site in oral potentially malignant lesions for tissue biopsy and pathological confirmation of cancer grade. Early transformations due to malignant changes in tissue are determined in real time from a cloud-based machine learning algorithm. This device has been validated through a multi-centric clinical study carried out in 336 patients across many prestigious hospitals. The device has a sensitivity of 82.7% and specificity of 71.2% for discrimination of OPML from healthy tissues. We plan to use this device for implementation as a point-of-care screening tool for detecting OPMLs in the rural population, through community level screening programs.

Overview of the Proposed Project

Estimated Budget
INR 0.3 Cr - INR 0.6 Cr
Proposed Location
Rajasthan, Bihar , Tamil Nadu

Key Project Partners

Project Status


Beneficiary Type (Primary): General
Beneficiary Type (Secondary):
Estimated No. of Beneficiaries: 3000 - 10000 Individuals
Status of Baseline Survey: Already Done

Proposed Project Description

Oral cancer is major public health problem in the Indian subcontinent, where it ranks among the top three types of cancer. The bottom of pyramid population is most affected due to exposure to well known risk factors such as tobacco, smoking, alcohol, gutka and pan. This is seen more the rural and tribal areas, among uneducated poor people,

Typically, precancerous stage is the most common clinical manifestation prior to full blown malignant oral cancer. So, detection during precancerous stage assumes great significance as early detection and prompt treatment can save patients from mortality and precancerous lesions are credible indicators of an impending progression into oral cancer and they provide us with an opportunity to undertake screening for oral cancer.

Oral cavity cancer can be reduced by timely screening, treatment and follow-up, along with awareness creation and habit cessation screening of a higher proportion of individuals in the target group, provides advice and treatment to all individuals

A reduction in the oral cancer burden in the country would lead to a lowering of the expenses incurred by the existing public healthcare system and shift the focus to a prevention-oriented approach than treatments based on surgery, that often leads to functional deficits and radiation treatments.

Since these lesions are asymptomatic in precancerous stage, and often remains undetected until higher stages of malignancies are reached. Sensitivity of traditional methods of visual inspection with light has poor diagnostic value. This is where our novel product becomes so handy. Such projects can be designed and conducted by using our product OralScan .It can in be conducted rural population or among in any chosen population The project can consist of

  1. Organizing screening camps and use this device.
  2. Providing screening at the community level using this device
  3. Sponsoring our screening device for use by NGO, and hospitals for early detection of oral cancer for biopsy guidance.

Salient Features

  1. Early Screening For Detection Of Oral Cancers
  2. Awareness Creation And Habit Cessation
  3. Partnering With Government For Improving Rural Health

About Sascan Meditech Pvt Ltd

Sascan Meditech is a private limited Startup company recognized by the DIPP (Govt of India), KSUM (Govt of Kerala) and KBITS (Govt of Karnataka) incorporated in July 2015 with its registered office in Bangalore and R&D unit in TIMed, BMT Wing, SCTIMST, Poojapura, Thiruvananthapuram.  The company is founded by Dr Subhash Narayanan, who is a scientist with more than 30 years of experience in biophotonics and allied technologies for medical instrumentation. The company is ISO 13485:2016 certified and its R&D unit is approved by the DSIR, Govt of India.


The company is engaged in the development of non-invasive, point of care solutions for management of oral and cervical cancers with support from BIRAC, DST and other national agencies and investors. Our first product, which is a hand-held intraoral camera for multimodal screening and detection of oral cancer using a cloud based machine learning algorithm, is about to hit the market in early 2020.  It also functions as a biopsy guidance tool for the oncologist so that the under diagnosis (false negatives) and unwanted biopsies (false positives) can be minimised.  The device is CE marked and is approved by the CDSCO, Govt India for manufacture and sale inthe country.   The second product – CerviScan – for Pap smear and biopsy guidance in undergoing clinical validation.


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