Last Updated:  27/07/2020

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Project Pitch By: Sense International India


Proposed Project Title

Sustainable Livelihoods for Deafblind Micro-Entrepreneurs


Thematic Area

Promotion of education, special education and vocational skills

Sub Thematic Area

Skill Development

Project Synopsis

The project will reach out to 5 deafblind micro-entrepreneurs whose micro-enterprises and income have been negatively impacted due to COVID 19 and lockdown measures. The project will provide them with business development support for revival/extension of their current business along with training of micro-entrepreneurship and linkages with government schemes and services to sustain their business.

Overview of the Proposed Project

Estimated Budget
below INR 0.3 Cr
Proposed Location
Trichy, Paravoor and Kannur, Nagpur (Mah.) and Surendrangar

Key Project Partners

Project Status


Beneficiary Type (Primary): PWDs
Beneficiary Type (Secondary): Families of Adults with Deaf, blindness and Multiple Disabilities
Estimated No. of Beneficiaries: Upto 100 Individuals
Status of Baseline Survey: Under Process

Proposed Project Description

The proposed project will reach out to 5 deafblind micro-entrepreneurs and support them in rebuilding their business by providing them capital support, refresher training and government linkages.


The 5 adults with deafblindness whose vocations/ trades have been affected will be supported by Sense India for reviving/expanding their current businesses or starting new businesses if the old ones have failed due to lockdown and have no chances of revival in the near future. Sense India will work them and as per their local situation will create business plans for them to ensure that their businesses are up and running in 6 months and have started moving towards sustainability. Support will be provided to each deafblind micro-entrepreneur as per the business plan created to invest in the revival of their current enterprise or start a new one.

Along with business plan development, training will be provided to 5 deafblind micro-entrepreneurs on concepts of customer communication, accounting and book-keeping and sustainability. Sense India will actively support them through the required expertise and skills for this with the partner organisations to monitor and rebuild the businesses.

Many poverty alleviation schemes and services are currently in place and the state and central governments are looking at the current pandemic situation to come up with new schemes to support vulnerable families. To support adults with deafblindness and their families, Sense India and its partner organisations will link them with appropriate schemes and services.

This integrated approach of business plan development, capacity building training and linkages with government schemes and services will ensure that the new ventures started by deafblind micro-entrepreneurs become a sustainable option rather than a temporary relief project.


Salient Features

  1. Sustainable Livelihoods Support to Deafblind Micro-entrepreneurs
  2. Government Linkages and Training Support for Deafblind Micro-entrepreneurs
  3. Rebuilding Livelihoods after COVID-19

About Sense International India

Sense International India (also known as Sense India) is the only national-level organisation supporting specialised educational and rehabilitation services which enable children and adults with deafblindness to overcome the challenges caused by deafblindness and become an integral part of their society.

With its unique technical know-how of the last 23 years in the field of deafblindness and multiple disabilities, Sense India uses a multi-pronged approach. This includes technical assistance to its partner NGOs and direct training of their staff to work with children and adults with deafblindness and multiple disabilities in the community. This well planned consistent efforts of expanding services with the help of a network of grass-roots organisations and building their capacity on deafblindness had enabled Sense India to reach out to more than 78,000 individuals with deafblindness in the last twenty-three years. The partnership approach of directly working with local organizations has resulted in the setting of 59 projects in 23 states and is one of the most cost-effective and innovative models of service delivery.


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