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Project Pitch By: Socio Economic Development Corp Trust


Proposed Project Title

Dreamland, a home for the children in need of care and protection


Thematic Area

Promotion of education, special education and vocational skills

Sub Thematic Area

Education Infrastructure (hostel, school buildings, benches, desks etc)

Project Synopsis

Dreamland. Swapnbhumi. Unfortunately, there are many children around us who are deprived of basic needs. We started Dreamland, A home for destitute Children

Overview of the Proposed Project

Estimated Budget
INR 0.3 Cr - INR 0.6 Cr
Proposed Location
Parbhani district.Maharashtra, Pune. Maharashtra

Key Project Partners

Project Status


Beneficiary Type (Primary): Children
Beneficiary Type (Secondary): Children
Estimated No. of Beneficiaries: 100 - 500 Individuals
Status of Baseline Survey: Already Done

Proposed Project Description

Dreamland A home for the children in need of care and protection

Every child has a basic right to education, health, nutrition, recreation and protective environment. Unfortunately, there are many children around us who are deprived of these basic rights. When we see helpless, destitute children around us it struck the chord within us. But there is a need of greater conscious efforts to provide these children a better future.

In 1980 the organization started Dreamland, A home for the children in need of care and protection, in Kerwadi village in Parbhani district. Maharashtra. It is the first children home in the region. Since last 42 years, dreamland Steve’s to provide institutional care to orphan and destitute children. The main thrust is to ensure overall development of children who are deprived of normal childhood rights. we are proud to mention that, Dreamland is one of the best Children home in the state Maharashtra. We have received “Center of excellence” award in 2020 by Miracle foundation. (India- US) 

The concept

Dreamland is a concept for wellbeing of children. Dreamland is a comprehensive, creative space for destitute children coming from poor or broken families. The children are provided with “HOME” , residential facilities to pursue their future with dignity and confidence with hope and passion for life.

Two types of children are admitted here, those who have no one to take care of them, or those who cannot be taken care of by their mother or father. Children from 6 years to 18 years stay here in Swapnbhumi. We take care of 70-80 children in total. Some children live at dreamland, some are out for higher education.

Government grants  are available to raise these children, but it is still meager. Rs.2000/  for each child per month. And this is for everything in it. That means child care-food-living, clothing-sickness-education and all the development of children, as well as the staff required for this work...all in this two thousand. But we are spending at least Rs.6000/ per month for each child to do all this.

We meet this cost by collecting donations from people. And Children’s development is not just about living and eating. It required a lot more than that. Good quality counselors are needed, good quality education system is needed, coaching system is needed to play various sports. Children need loving companions to take care of them. Apart from this, there are huge expenses like, expenses for higher education of children, construction, necessary equipment etc.

Swapnabhoomi is not limited to only 50-60 children or only Kerwadi. Dreamland is a concept for wellbeing of children. As mentioned earlier, It is a project, in which there is a system to help the needy boys and girls. Many villages in the area do not have schools after 7th grade.  Hence the education of students from poor families likely to discontinue, especially girls. Parents do not want to send 14-year-old girls outside the village for education. We have to support such boys and girls to continue their education.

At the same time, there are several children in around villages, of poor families, who have completed 10th-12th standard and if we do not help them for further education, it will be difficult for them to go for higher studies.  So it is necessary to help them for further education. All such boys and girls are considered under dream land project. At present we are supporting 10 girls for college education-graduate and post graduate studies in Pune, as well  11 boys also are studding in different colleges of Pune.

 There are many boys and girls from the surrounding villages, and it is difficult for them to complete their education if we do not help them. We want to help all such boys and girls to continue and complete their education.  We need support from corporations -foundation to help these students.

So under Dreamland, swapnbhumi project, we are supporting several boys and girls of poor families for schooling as well as for higher education.

At Dreamland even we need support for several needs. i.e.

  • We need funds for higher studies for the children, those passing 10th and 12th exam with good marks. We plan to shift them to Pune in best colleges.
  • we need better playground. Fortunately, we have a acre of land adjoining to residential building. We can convert that in playground. Also funds for better coaching personals.
  • We need additional construction for boys and for the staff residence.
  • We need funds for school building. School up to 7th std. need 12 rooms.  Approx. 8000/ sq.ft area.
  • We need a bus for transporting our children to the school-at one k.m. distance.
  • And of course, funds for daily expenses.
  • We need funds for more children from the community, for their higher education. The economic condition of some families is really very bad. They live in “abject poverty”. Nothing is available for their children to grow-properly. We have to look to such children and support them to grow in proper manner.

Salient Features

  1. This project uplifting children from deprived life. Shaping their life.
  2. Supporting the children from most poor families, otherwise they can not continue their education.
  3. Giving hope for home less and most deprived children for dignified life.

About Socio Economic Development Corp Trust

Socio Economic Development Trust (SEDT) a NGO, (registered under Societies Act and Bombay public trust Act in 1976) We intended to work with the objective of making a difference to the lives of people. SEDT is based at Kerwadi village, Palam Taluka, District Parbhani. 

We initiated our work in the year 1980, with providing a shelter, home for the children in need of care and protection.  

SEDT believes that our role is to act as facilitators for the empowerment of the people.

At present we are working with following projects.

  • Dreamland: is home for the children in need of care and protection. We are serving to 100 children under this program.
  • Child line:  its 24 hrs services for the children in need of care and protection.
  • One stop center:    All required facilities and help being extended to any woman in distress at one place. 
  • Family counseling center:  Counseling and legal support to the women in distress.
  • Link workers project, & Prevention and treatments in HIV for MSN community. (Men sex with men) in the district.
  • Empowering adolescent girls and women.
  • We have created “Farmers clubs” in 37 villages.
  • “Sant Dnyaneshwar Vidyalaya” up to 7th std.
  • Discovery Science centers  

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