Water Resource Management & Sustainable Livelihood- CSR Projects India

CSR Project By:  DCB Bank Limited
Project Budget: INR 0.41 Cr



Water Resource Management & Sustainable Livelihood  (2015-16)


Project Sector

  • Preventive Healthcare, Water and Sanitation

Implementing Partners

Concern India Foundation

Project Description

DCB Bank CSR project is located at Hirwe village in Mokhadda block of Palghar district in Maharashtra. This project has two fold objectives. Firstly, the near term impact of supply, storage and judicious use of water for irrigation and other use. The longer term impact aims to bring about a salutary change in the health, income and overall quality of life indicators. Due to lack of sustainable agriculture and natural resource management rural India has often fallen into the trap of either droughts or flooding for lack of technical knowhow about rain water harvesting or water recharging which benefits small and marginal farmers with better quality life and livelihood. The project at Hirwe aims to achieve water supply, storage and irrigation developed through the installation of a solar powered lift irrigation system which will lift water from a perennial water source. This enables the marginal farmers grow at least two crops and possibly an intercrop too.


Project Location

Project Location: Palghar-Maharashtra,

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