Livestock Development- CSR Projects India

CSR Project By:  ITC Ltd
Project Budget: INR 6.03 Cr



Livestock Development  (2017-18)


Project Sector

  • Education, Employability and Livelihoods Enhancement

Implementing Partners

BAIF Development Research Foundation
Pratham Education Foundation
Ramakrishna Mission
Bandhan Konnagar
SEWA Bharat
Foundation of Ecological Security (FES)

Project Description

The programme provides an opportunity for farmers to convert an existing asset into a source of additional income with the potential of developing into a sustainable source of livelihood. The programme provided extension services, including breeding, fodder propagation and training of farmers in order to increase their incomes through enhanced productivity of milch animals in seven States and 25 districts. During the year, 2.02 lakh Artificial Inseminations (AIs) were carried out which led to the birth of 0.79 lakh cross-bred progeny. Cumulatively, the figures for AIs and calving stand at 22.21 lakh and 7.51 lakh respectively.

Company is also working with dairy farmers in Bihar and Punjab to improve farm productivity through several extension services and to facilitate higher milk production. Qualified teams comprising veterinarians and para-veterinarians have been deployed to facilitate animal breeding, animal nutrition and animal health services towards improving farm productivity and promoting commercial dairy farming among farmers.


Project Location

Project Location: Telangana, Karnataka, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Delhi-Delhi,

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