Women Empowerment- CSR Projects India

CSR Project By:  ITC Ltd
Project Budget: INR 14.76 Cr



Women Empowerment  (2017-18)


Project Sector

  • Gender, Equality and Women Empowerment, Senior Citizens Care

Implementing Partners

BAIF Development Research Foundation
Pratham Education Foundation
Ramakrishna Mission
Bandhan Konnagar
SEWA Bharat
Foundation for Ecological Security

Project Description

This initiative has provided a range of gainful employment opportunities to over 61,000 poor women so far, who have been supported with capacity building and financial assistance by way of loans and grants. To date, 20,100 ultra-poor women in the core catchments had access to sustainable sources of income through non-farm livelihood opportunities. In addition, the programme provided a source of livelihood to 325 women in Uttar Pradesh engaged in making agarbattis using pedal machines. This is a home based activity for most women, providing supplementary income to them.


Project Location

Project Location: Telangana, Karnataka, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Delhi-Delhi,

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